Twitter Advanced Search feature: how to use it to find COVID-19 resources in India


  • Twitter Advanced Search can help you find COVID-19 resources
  • The feature can filter out tweets depending on the search keywords
  • Users can filter by a specific hashtag, date range or account

Twitter has drawn attention to its Advanced Search feature amidst the raging coronavirus pandemic in India. Used correctly, it can help people search for COVID-19 resources such as hospital beds, oxygen and essential drugs like Remdesivir. The feature is a useful one to know how to use, at a time when India is grappling with the second wave of COVID-19.

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Netizens have been taking to social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find medical requirements. In a post, Twitter India said, ‘All across the country, people are using Twitter to find the latest information and access to resources right now. As this people’s movement unfolds, we wanted to remind you of some of the features that could help you find what you’re looking for faster.’’

Twitter Advanced Search feature: how it works

The Advanced Search feature lets people filter out Tweets depending on their requirements. Users can filter fields like a specific hashtag, exact phrases, or tweets from a particular account. This way, users can search for specific requirements and access resources faster. There are also additional filtering options under advanced search like date range, engagement level etc. 

Users can also see tweets close to their current location. One should choose the toggle button on the right of the search bar and enable ‘Near you’ under ‘Location’. It’s worth noting that the location service must be turned on.

To ensure that the most recent tweets are shown at the of their timeline, users can tap on the ‘sparkle’ button on the top right of their home timeline. This helps by showing the latest tweets on your timeline, as opposed to top tweets. 

Twitter Advanced Search: how to use it to find COVID-19 resources

To use Twitter Advanced Search, check the steps mentioned below. 

  • Log in to Twitter or head directly to
  • Under advanced search, users can filter for words, exact phrase, hashtags. 
  • There’s also an option to search for tweets from relevant accounts. 
  • Users can also choose to see replies and original tweets. There’s also a filter for engagement level that includes minimum replies, likes and retweets. 
  • Lastly, there is a filter for the time frame that lets users choose specific dates for their search.
  • Users can tap on the Search button after filling in the appropriate fields.
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