Twitter Blue may be upgraded to a higher-priced, ad-free version


  • Musk hinted at an ad-free subscription tier for 2023
  • He also stated that the Twitter Blue subscribers, at the current rate, would see half the ads of free users by then.

In recent developments, Elon Musk hinted that Twitter could offer another paid option after finally rolling out Twitter Blue for Android. As Musk tweeted, Twitter’s ads are “too big” and “too frequent”, and the social media platform is in the process of addressing this issue.

In a follow-up tweet, he said Twitter will soon offer an option that won’t display any ads but will cost money. A higher-priced subscription will also allow zero ads, Musk said in a tweet.



When will Twitter become ‘ad-free’?

There is no timeline given by Musk for when the higher-priced subscription model will launch. As of yet, he has not indicated what the cost will be either. 

Twitter currently has Twitter Blue, a paid service that offers users a host of features and shows fewer ads. In Twitter Blue, ads are still present, but subscribers see fewer than those without them.

In addition to these features, Twitter Blue subscribers get other benefits as well. There are a number of features included in Twitter Blue, including Bookmark Folders, which allow users to group and organise Bookmarked Tweets for easier later discovery. There is no limit to the number of bookmarks or bookmark folders a user can create on Twitter Blue, and all bookmarks and folders are private at all times. Additionally, Twitter Blue allows users to choose different colour themes. It is also possible to change the icons for Custom Apps.

Also included is the much-desired Undo Tweet feature. In this way, users can retract tweets after they have sent them but before they are visible to others. Twitter noted that it is not an edit button but rather a chance to review and revise a Tweet before it is shared.