Twitter Removes DM Button From All Profiles


  • Twitter seems to have removed the DM button from all profiles
  • Android and iPhone users have reported missing the DM button
  • Most people are wondering if Twitter is removing DMs altogether

You cannot DM anyone by visiting their profile on Twitter on Android and iOS apps.

If you visit any profile on Twitter now, you will not see the DM button that was previously there. It’s not because everyone on Twitter locked their profiles for DMs, but Twitter has, for some reason, removed the DM button from profile pages. DMs still exist on the bottom navigation bar, at least for now.

Many Android and iPhone users have reported the DM button missing on Twitter, but some have also reported seeing it on iPhone while not seeing it on Android for the same account.

DM Button Is An Absolute Requirement on Profiles

DMs or Direct Messages remain one of the most common ways users on Twitter communicate with each other. Removing DMs restricts initiating communication with new users.

Not only with users but with brands and customer support for various brands. As you know, Twitter is the best place to get direct customer support from various brands. Most popular brands have active customer support handles on Twitter, and if you raise an issue with these handles, they first ask you to DM them the issue with details. Removing the DM button also means customers are losing access to this important aspect of customer support from brands on Twitter.

Goodbye to DMs on Twitter?

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the social media platform has seen drastic changes, both in the app and as a company.

While this change might have happened because of an error, there is a real chance that Twitter will remove access to DMs from profile pages entirely.

Twitter has not revealed any official statement regarding removing DM from profiles. Still, if this change is intended to happen, it might be to reduce spam messages on Twitter.

But is it the start of the removal of DMs altogether from Twitter? We’re not sure, but it could be. With Elon’s Twitter, everything is possible.