Twitter Will Restrict Visibility Of Your Tweets If You Don’t Pay For Twitter Blue


  • New changes are coming to Twitter
  • Blue tick users will only be eligible for getting recommended in For You feed
  • Only verified users will also be able to vote on Twitter polls


On the new set of changes coming to Twitter and Twitter Blue, Elon Musk has announced that users who don’t pay will not be featured on For You page of Twitter users. Only users with Blue Tick will be eligible to be shown in the For You feed. 

In the tweet, Elon Musk says that the change will come from April 15th and only verified accounts will be eligible to be in the For You recommendations. He mentions this to address the AI bot swarms taking over. 

Elon also mentions that normal users will not be able to vote on polls on Twitter from now on. This would be a much more impacting change to users as non-paying users will now be a spectator to Twitter polls that are popular with users. 

The For You page is the default page you jump into when you open Twitter; it shows the tweets from the users you follow and tweets popular among the community. It is an algorithmic feed that you keep on scrolling through on Twitter. 

With this change, you will only see tweets from Blue tick users on Twitter For You page. You can still see tweets from those you follow on the Following page. 

If you’re an active Twitter user and haven’t subscribed to Twitter Blue, you will see a drop in the visibility of your tweets. 

Twitter will also be removing legacy verified Blue Tick starting in April, which means you will only be seeing tweets from paid users on your For You page. The previously verified notable celebrities, journalists and other personalities now need to subscribe to Twitter Blue to get the reach and visibility they once had. 

This change on legacy blue ticks will take place on April 1. So brace for chaos on Twitter!