Twitter’s new Super Follows feature will let users charge for tweets


  • Twitter users will be able to monetise the content they provide to their followers
  • Users can also create and join groups based on their interests
  • The exact rollout date of the new features is unclear at the moment


Earlier this month, Twitter introduced voice messaging support in direct messages. Now the social media giant has announced two new features on its platform. These are called Super Follows and Communities. 

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Super Follows is Twitter’s premium feature that is aimed at creators letting them charge their followers for specific content. On the other hand, Communities is similar to Facebook Groups that lets users create and join groups of a particular theme or interest. 

Twitter launches Super Follows and Communities features

Twitter Super Follows and Communities

The Twitter Super Follows on the left and Communities feature on the right

Twitter users can now charge their followers for access to exclusive content, subscriber-only newsletter, deals and discounts, community access and supporter badge. Twitter shared a screenshot that shows a user charging $4.99 (~Rs 365) per month to receive the above content via the Super Follows feature.

This way, the subscription service will let creators and publishers monetise their content. Notably, Twitter will take a cut from these earnings although the exact fee is unknown. The Super Follows feature is also similar to Patreon, YouTube membership and GitHub. 

As for Communities, Twitter users can create, discover and join communities based on their interests. It is similar to Facebook Groups where people join and engage with other’s posts in groups based on a particular theme/interest. Users who are a part of Communities will be able to see posts from like-minded people instead of a random timeline. 

Alongside the two new features, Twitter also announced Safet Mode (when enabled) that will automatically detect spammy or abusive accounts and limit their interaction for seven days.

Twitter didn’t reveal the launch timeline of Super Follows and Communities features but they are expected to be rolled out in the coming months. 

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