Two Ola S1 Pro riders surpass the elusive 300 km mark


  • Ola promises a range of approximately 180 km with the S1 Pro scooter
  • The new landmark could be attributed to the recent MoveOS 2.0 update
  • Despite the obvious benefits, the MoveOS 2.0 release also carries some bugs

Launched almost a year ago, the Ola S1 Pro has been breaking new records with its range. The recent MoveOS 2.0 update seems to have made things even better, with users now reporting a range of over 300 kilometres on the e-scooter with a single charge. Two riders posted images of the S1 Pro’s dashboard on Twitter.

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According to the image shared by Ola S1 Pro owner Satendra Yadav, the scooter ran at an average speed of 20 kmph with a max speed of 38 kmph. Yadav breached the 300 km barrier on a full charge and still had 3 km or 5% battery left on the e-scooter. Meanwhile, fellow S1 Pro owner, Jigar Bharda, operated the scooter at 23 kmph on average, with a max speed of 40 kmph. Upon reaching 300 km, Bharda’s S1 Pro had 4% battery (1 km) left.

The Ola S1 Pro Dashboard

Ola claims the S1 Pro can run for roughly 180 kilometres on a full charge. While some customers were already crossing the 200 km mark quite comfortably, the arrival of the MoveOS 2.0 update for the e-scooter has clearly taken things to the next level.

Despite the impressive range and performance, the S1 Pro isn’t without its faults. The aforementioned MoveOS 2.0 update also comes with a few bugs on board. Ola Electric is expected to fix these issues with a future update.

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