UBON launches HULK SP-180 wireless speakers with a built-in phone stand


  • The UBON HULK SP-180 features a range of 10 metres
  • It also features LED lights, Bluetooth 5.0, and a four-hour battery life
  • The SP-180 is currently available via offline retail channels

Indian manufacturer UBON has just unveiled the HULK SP-180 wireless speaker. Featuring a sleek design and robust hardware, the speaker is aimed at party enthusiasts. Prominent among the speaker’s features is a dedicated phone stand, plus a wide array of connectivity options, such as microSD/TF cards, a USB port, and AUX. There’s even FM support for good measure.

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The inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0 allows the HULK SP-180 to operate at a maximum range of 10 metres. It can also pair with practically any device, ranging from laptops to smartphones. UBON has also crammed some LED lights for additional visual appeal.

The construction of the SP-180 makes it quite versatile and portable as well. With the inclusion of the phone holder, it’s pretty much all you need to get the ball rolling. This speaker is equipped with a 1,800mAh battery, lasting up to 4 hours on a full charge.

“Being a leading player in the consumer electronics industry, we always strive to offer our users a premium experience and the HULK SP-180 speaker surely lives up to the brand image with its extremely powerful sound and high audio quality,” Managing Director at UBON, Mandeep Arora said.

“This wireless speaker is a ‘Made in India product’ specially crafted keeping in mind the convenience factor and the need of the Indian consumers. It offers a 360-degree sound experience, thus making it an ideal choice for both an outdoor picnic as well as an in-house party. Apart from being packed with features, it also boasts of a classy look,” the executive added.

UBON HULK SP-180 Price and availability

The HULK SP-180 Bluetooth speaker is currently available for Rs 2,499 across India. However, UBON will only sell it via offline retail channels, leaving out major e-commerce sites in the process. It’s unclear if this is a temporary measure to boost offline sales or if the speaker will eventually make it to retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Also included with the price tag is six months of warranty.