UNISOC T7520 launched as the world’s first 6nm SoC with 5G support

Chinese semiconductor manufacturer UNISOC has announced the UNISOC T7520 as the world’s first 6nm mobile chipset with an integrated 5G modem. The new SoC is designed using extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) manufacturing process, offering higher performance than current-generation 7nm processors. Compared to the first EUV process, the T7520 packs in 18 percent greater transistor density, which helps reduce power usage by up to 8 percent. It is composed of four Cortex-A76 cores and four A55 cores.


UNISOC T7520 debuts as world’s first 6nm chipset with 5G support

Also part of the package is a Mali G57 GPU that supports multiple screens, along with HDR10+ and 4K resolution. THE SoC flaunts an upgraded NPU that offers a 50 percent greater TOPS-per Watt rate than its predecessor. The chip sports a four-core ISP capable of supporting up to 100-megapixel sensors and boasts multi-camera processing capabilities. The chipset further sports the latest Secure Element processing capability that supports every major crypto algorithm currently in use. It can effectively handle intensive security scenarios like encrypted video calls.

The chipset supports 5G NR TDD+FDD carrier aggregation along with uplink and downlink decoupling for greater coverage. With that being said, the integrated 5G modem on the T7520 is capable of offering peak uplink speeds of up to 3.25 Gbps. The chipset is designed to offer the maximum value for money, which could make it a popular choice for upcoming mid-range smartphones.

UNISOC should also be able to manufacture the chipset relatively cheaper than standard non-EUV fabrication techniques using TMSC’s 6nm fabrication technology. UNISOC is yet to make a formal announcement regarding when it plans to offer the SoC commercially. The first smartphones sporting the UNISOC T7520 may make an appearance by the end of 2020.

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