Top Upcoming Electric Cars in India: Find the latest prices, range, colours, images, specifications and more

The advent of electric cars in the Indian automobile market has sparked widespread interest across all demographics. Despite their origin dating back to the 19th century, early electric vehicles struggled to gain traction due to their high costs, short ranges, and low speeds. However, with environmental concerns at the forefront of public consciousness in the 21st century, electric cars have experienced a resurgence in popularity, attracting the attention of consumers and manufacturers alike.

Electric cars have gained popularity, particularly in urban areas where the range is not an issue and their silent, vibration-free operation is appreciated. However, the cost of the acquisition of electric cars is higher and hindered widespread adoption. In India, electric vehicles currently account for only 0.29% of all vehicle registrations. To counter this, companies are working to develop affordable electric cars and improve battery technology. There are plenty of big-ticket launches this year including the MG Comet that piqued the interest of consumers. Even the top model of MG Comet is priced under Rs 10 lakh (ex-showroom) and promises a range of 230km on a single charge. Following the launch of this compact city EV car, consumers are curious about upcoming EV models in India, their value, and running costs.

Top Upcoming Electric Cars under Rs 10 Lakh (July 2023)

Car Price
Renault Kwid Rs 4.7 lakh
GWM Ora R1 electric car Rs 7 lakh
Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV Rs 8.50 lakh
Mahindra eKUV100 Rs 9 lakh

1. Renault Kwid EV 

Renault Kwid EV

This electric car was first revealed at the Shanghai motor show in China. The Renault  Kwid EV is based on the KZ-E concept, which in turn, is derived from the same CMF-A platform. The Kwid is identical to the Renault City KZ-E. Once launched in India, this car could be a game changer.

Expected Price – Rs 4.7 lakh – 6.45 lakh
Engine Specs – Permanent magnet synchronous
Total number of kilometres in a single charge – 370 km

2. GWM Ora R1 Electric Car

GWM Ora R1

For the first time in India, the Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motors is all set to bring its electric vehicles. Expect to see some SUVs and one EV named the Ora R1.  The company claims this is the world’s cheapest car. This car will get connectivity features with AI systems that can be used by saying, Hello, Ora.

Expected Price –  Rs 7 lakh – 8.30 lakh
Engine specs –  Permanent magnet synchronous
Total number of kilometres in a single charge – 350 km

3. Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R EV

This car’s petrol and diesel versions were very successful, and the electric version is bound to follow in their footsteps. This also happens to be Maruti Suzuki’s first electric vehicle. This car will feature standard AC charging that takes 7 hours to fully charge.  You also have DC fast charging, bringing up the battery to around 80% in under an hour. The car will have a range of 130 km.

Expected Price –  Rs 8.50 lakh – 10 lakh
Engine Specs – 3- phase permanent magnet synchronous
Total number of kilometres in a single charge – 300 km

4. Mahindra eKUV100

Mahindra eKUV100

This model features an updated electric motor of 40 KW or 54.4 hp.  The battery can be replenished in under 6 hours via a regular charger or in under an hour via a fast charger.  The battery power is 15.9kwh, with the claimed maximum driving range of just around 120 km.

Expected Price –  Rs 8 lakh – 9 lakh
Engine Specs – 3 – Phase AC Induction motor
Total number of kilometres in a single charge – 140 km

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Top Upcoming Electric Cars under Rs 20 Lakhs

Car Price
Tata Altroz EV Rs 14 lakh
Kia Soul EV Rs 10 lakh
MG Electric Crossover Rs 10 lakh
Haima Bird EV1 Rs 10 lakh

1. Tata Altroz EV

Tata Altroz EV

This premium hatchback has been engineered on the ALFA (Agile Light Flexible Advanced) Architecture. Flexible, modular, and extremely light, the platform allows the manufacturing of different body styles with various powertrains, including diesel, petrol, or fully electric.

Expected Price –  Rs 14 lakh -15 lakh
Engine Specs – Permanent magnet AC motor
Total number of kilometres in a single charge – 300 km

2. Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

This is the first electric car from the company and is very popular, especially in the North American market.  It shares some qualities with the Hyundai Kona Electric and is slated to debut in the Indian market.  Featuring a box-like silhouette and Kia’s signature grill in the front with the charging port.  You also get upswept wrap-around dual barrel projector headlamps.

Expected Price – Rs 10 lakh -15 lakh
Engine Specs – Permanent magnet synchronous
Total number of kilometres in a single charge – 350 km

3. MG Electric Crossover


MG Motor has made a significant impact on the Indian automotive market. The company is set to introduce an affordable electric crossover. This crossover will be built on a global platform with customized features to cater to the dynamic Indian market. Anticipated to offer a driving range exceeding 300 km per charge, it is poised to be a strong contender in its segment.

Expected Price – Rs 10 lakh – 15 lakh
Engine Specs – 50.3 kWh battery
Total number of kilometres in a single charge – 461 km

4. Haima Bird EV1

Haima E1 EV

Chinese carmaker Haima Automobiles is set to launch the highly anticipated Haima EV1 EV. Don’t let the simple design fool you – this car has been crafted to be an affordable long-range EV.  This small city car has a tall boy design that gives you maximum interior space with a small physical footprint.

Expected Price – Rs 1o lakh -12 lakh
Engine Specs – Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Total number of kilometres in a single charge – 300 km


1. Is EV worth buying in India?

Yes, buying an electric vehicle is worth it in India.  If you live in the City, you will get around 400 km on a single charge which is excellent for daily use and running errands.

2. Is Maruti launching an electric car?

Yes, Maruti is launching an electric version of the popular WagonR.

3. What is the Cheapest electric car in India?

MG Comet EV and the Tata Tiago EV are the cheapest electric cars in India, with prices ranging from Rs 8 to 10 lakh.

4. Which is the best Electric Car in India?

Top players like Mahindra, Hyundai, Tata, MG, and Nissan manufacture many electric cars in India. Choosing one car from among the many manufactured by these ace manufacturers is tough. However, if one were to choose the best electric car in India, one would go with the Tata Nexon EV. It has a 3-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor that powers a subcompact SUV. It remains cool even after long drives, thanks to the Li-ion Polymer battery equipped with liquid cooling. This car comes in 3 shades and delivers a max power of 127 bhp. It has a battery capacity of 30.2 kWh and gives 312 km after fully charging. It charges up to 80% of its total capacity in 1 hour via fast charging.

Price – It starts at Rs 13.99 lakhs

Engine Specs – Permanent magnet synchronous AC motor.

Total number of kilometres in one charge – 312 km



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