Upcoming iPhones To Come with Under-the-Screen TouchID Sensor

The iPhone X was the most anticipated smartphone of 2017 and for a good reason. It was the first iPhone that came with a refreshed design after years of Apple repeating the same design. The phone featured a nearly bezel-less design except for the notch present on the top of the display. This sometimes proves intrusive for media consumption. As per rumors, this is about to change as the updated iPhones might feature a slimmer notch further improving the screen-to-body ratio.

In addition to that, as per Ming-Chi Kuo who is a renowned source related to upcoming Apple devices, the company may be looking to release as many as four iPhones this September. All of the upcoming iPhones are expected to come with FaceID. This is the new biometric system that Apple fit into the iPhone X which scans and detects the user’s face to unlock the device.

For making FaceID work efficiently and securely, Apple had to sacrifice some of the screen space on the phone, resulting in the notch. The updated version of the iPhone X will pack the sensors in a slimmer notch.

Image Credits: Atherton Research

In addition to that, the Cupertino based giant may also be looking at bringing TouchID back from the dead. Apple very boldly replaced the fingerprint sensor with FaceID in 2017, offering no fallback option. The OnePlus 5T, for example also takes leverage of facial recognition to unlock the phone. However, OnePlus has also offered a fingerprint sensor on the back which serves as a backup when facial recognition fails. Apple may be looking to play a similar card with the upcoming phones, but with a twist.

The upcoming iPhones are likely to integrate an under-the-screen fingerprint sensor. This is what most people speculated from the 2017 iPhone X itself. Although a lot many users have liked the implementation of FaceID, it comes without a doubt that a fingerprint sensor is a popular biometric solution. Although these are just rumors as of now, keep an eye on this space as we update on this as we get closer to the launch event.

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