How to Update to Public Release of iOS From iOS 10 Beta

Apple announced a Beta program for the users who wanted to try out iOS 10 back in July after WWDC. This not only allowed the enthusiastic users to get on the iOS bus and get an early access but also helped Apple iron out those small bugs that are expected in a major software update. However, what do you do now that you have a Beta version of iOS 10 on your iPhone but want to go ahead and try out the official public release. Let’s face it, nobody likes to be on a Beta software, even if the GM version came out nice and early for iOS 10.


Sadly though, unlike Android users who were on Android N beta program and got an update automatically to the public release, that is not happening for iOS 10. You will have to clean install iOS 10 on your iPhone if you are on an iOS 10 Beta build. In order to do this, here are the instructions.

Step 1) Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is backed up completely on your system. If you have enough storage on your iCloud account, you can also take a backup of your phone or tablet on iCloud. Taking a backup on the computer using iTunes just ensures that the restore is faster.

Step 2) Now that you have backed up your phone or tablet, connect it to your computer and fire up iTunes. You will have to make sure that you are on the latest iTunes release.

Step 3) Turn your phone off and put it in the DFU mode. To do this, you will need to press the power button for three seconds, followed by pressing the home button and power button together for the next ten seconds and then letting go of the power button but hold the home button. You will see a message on the screen saying that an iPhone in DFU mode was detected and if you allow to restore and update it.

Step 4) Give your consent and wait for iTunes to download the latest public iOS version to be downloaded and flashed. You will not be able to use your iPhone in this period. Leave it connected to the system and grab a coffee till you see the iPhone detected again on iTunes.

Step 5) Restore the iPhone with the backup that you have taken after you enter your iCloud credentials.

You are now sporting the latest public and stable build of iOS 10. If you own an Apple Watch, you will want to reset the same and then look for an update so that you can update the same to watchOS 3.0 We were unable to update the watch with even the GM release of iOS 10, so you will want to go on the public release before getting the update to the watch too.

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