UPI Lite Is Coming To PhonePe and Paytm. You Can Soon Send Money Without The Internet


  • UPI Lite is coming soon to Paytm and PhonePe
  • UPI Lite lets you make payments without a data connection
  • Paytm is to launch UPI Lite this month, and PhonePe is to bring it soon after

UPI Lite, introduced last year on Bhim UPI, will soon make its way to third-party UPI apps.

The Economic Times reports that PhonePe and Paytm are in the advanced stages of integrating UPI Lite in their apps. With UPI Lite, users can enjoy payments without the Internet and without using the UPI PIN.

PhonePe commands the #1 spot among the UPI players, while Paytm is the #3 behind Google Pay. The introduction of UPI Lite to these UPI apps will bring down the strain on banking infrastructure, as the majority of the UPI payments are low-volume payments.

Paytm will be the first to launch UPI Lite on its app, with a launch scheduled for this month itself. PhonePe will launch UPI Lite on its app soon after that, says the report.

Slice, which was previously a BNPL player, has pivoted to bet big on UPI on its app. It is also reported to be working hard on bringing UPI Lite soon.

What is UPI Lite?


UPI Lite is an on-device wallet you need to recharge using normal UPI. It can only be used for transactions of below Rs 200.

Users can add a maximum amount of up to Rs 2000 to the UPI Lite wallet. Users can make payments without the internet via UPI Lite, but users need the internet to add money to the UPI Lite wallet.

Currently, UPI Lite is available for payments only and not money transfers. Also, only debit transactions are allowed in UPI Lite. All the credit transactions coming to the UPI Lite wallet will be directly going to your UPI-linked bank account.