Vehicle Insurance Check: How to Check Vehicle Insurance Policy Status Online

India has some of the most chaotic roads in the world. Driving here is often a dance between life and death. Vehicles are insured to provide them some cover in case of an accident. Vehicular insurance in India is available for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, commercial vehicles, and other vehicles that ply our roads. Renewing insurance is very easy. Now all you have to do is go online, choose your plan and make your payment. First-party insurance is preferred to third-party insurance – both for legal purposes and in terms of coverage. 

Importance of checking Vehicle Insurance Online 

Why should you go online to check your vehicle insurance? Do you need to check your insurance at all? Well yes. There are quite a few reasons why one would check their insurance online; some of them are – 

Check expiry – Insurance expiry dates are not something you would generally remember. One remembers birthdays and anniversaries, not when their policy is about to lapse. To check whether your insurance is expiring soon, it is wise to log in online and see the details. You’ll instantly know when you have to renew your policy. 

Check premium – Sometimes, you might forget the premium you pay to maintain your vehicular insurance. A glance online at the figures should be enough. Checking your premium online is a common and encouraged practice. 

Look for options – Sometimes, you check your insurance premium online because you want to explore other auto insurance providers as options. You may be dissatisfied with your present insurance provider or simply might be looking to make a change. 

Readily available soft copy – Now, of course, you would have printed out your policy as traffic police rules dictate so. However, if you lose that hard copy, you won’t need to fret because all you have to do is visit the website and print it out again. 

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Different Methods of checking the status of Vehicle Insurance  

Keep track of your car’s insurance policy. It’s as important as buying a policy for your vehicle.  Once you purchase the insurance, it is advised that you keep track of the policy and its renewal date, etc. This is vital because if you miss out on your policy renewal or forget to update some details regarding your car, your claim may get rejected. Keeping a vehicle insurance check online ensures you stay stress-free regarding policy renewals. 

The Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) site or your insurance provider’s site are the two places to check your car insurance policy status online.  Enter the vehicle registration, chassis, or engine number and get the insurance status. Here’s what you should do. 

  • Enter the vehicle registration number in mind there are no special characters or spaces.
  • After policy details are uploaded to the IIB database, it takes a couple of months to show on the web portal. Hence, you might not find your vehicle details before that period. 
  • If your car is new, the insurer will need an engine or chassis number if unable to check the insurance status using the car number. 
  • If you can’t find your vehicle details, it’s time to visit the RTO. 
  • Using an email address and phone number, you may try three times. 

How to check Vehicle Insurance Status online via The Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) site

  • Open the IIB web portal for Motor.
  • Fill in the details required, like registered name, cell phone number, email ID, accident date, car registration number, and address. 
  • Fill in the captcha code. 
  • The page will show you information about your car’s policy. 

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How to check Vehicle Insurance Status online through the VAHAN e-services

Look through the IIB website or your insurance provider’s site but couldn’t find details of your vehicle insurance policy. The VAHAN e-services site is your best bet. 

Check Car Insurance Policy Status Online via VAHAN/IIB

Vehicle Insurance Status Check Online

  • Go to the VAHAN site
  • Click on “Know your vehicle details.”
  • Input the vehicle’s registration number. 
  • Click on “Search vehicle.”
  •  Here you can view the car insurance expiry date amongst other details. 

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Guidelines while checking vehicle insurance status online

Generally, checking your insurance status online is a breeze. While checking your insurance status online, you should have a few things. 

  • Keep your registration card with you as your vehicle registration details are required. 
  • In the absence of a registration card, keep the engine number or the chassis number at hand so you can enter it when required. 
  • Keep your details like cell phone number, email ID, accident date (if any), and address at hand. 
  • If you have a physical of your policy, keep that in hand. 


1) How to buy vehicle insurance using the registration number?

You can purchase vehicle insurance using the registration number by visiting the insurance provider’s website or an aggregator website where you have multiple policy options. 

2) Is it possible to check my bike insurance details online? 

Bike insurance details may be checked via two portals. The IIB portal and the VAHAN  portal. For each, here are the steps. 

For IIB Portal 

  • Visit the IIB site 
  • Fill in the details required.
  • Fill in the captcha code.
  • The page will show you your bike insurance details. 

For the VAHAN e-services portal 

  • Visit the VAHAN e-services site. 
  • Click on “Know your vehicle details.”
  • Enter your bike’s registration number. 
  • Click on the option “Search vehicle.”
  • You can see the details of your bike insurance. 

3) How do I download car insurance?

  • Visit the site from where you got your car insurance.
  • Login by entering your policy number, cell number, and name. 
  • Navigate to the “download policy document’ option.
  • You might get an email from your insurer with your insurance policy document. 
  • Download this document and print it for further use. 

4) How do you check car insurance validity?

The VAHAN e-services app may be used to check the validity of your car’s insurance policy. 

  • Visit the VAHAN website. 
  • Click on ‘Know your vehicle details.”
  • Search using the vehicle registration number
  • You can see the validity of your car’s insurance.

You may also check the validity on the page of the insurance provider. 

5) How to check Vehicle insurance status offline?

If you want to go offline and check your vehicle insurance details, you must visit your Regional Transport Office or RTO, where the officers working there might help you. You could also call up/visit your insurance provider’s office to get details of your vehicle’s insurance policy. 


In conclusion, having a comprehensive insurance policy is a must if you are a vehicle owner, it doesn’t matter whether you ride a car or a bike. You indeed invest in life insurance and health insurance, so why shy away from comprehensively protecting your vehicle? India’s roads are notorious for rash drivers; a mishap can occur at any time. Having a comprehensive insurance policy can prevent big repair bills. Having a valid insurance policy is also mandatory according to the law. If the traffic police find you driving/riding without or with an expired insurance document, you will be in big trouble. Therefore, you must purchase and timely renew automobile insurance for your vehicle.