Vehicle Owner Details by Number Plate: How to Check Vehicle Owner Details using AKCO App, SMS, VAHAN and Digit Website

State Transport Departments are governed by both Central Motor Vehicle Regulation (CMVR) and the respective state’s Motor Vehicle Regulation (State MVR). VAHAN (meaning vehicle) is a national vehicle registry service launched in 2011 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre. It was conceptualised as a platform that would capture the functionalities as mandated by CMVR as well as state MVRs.

VAHAN services include vehicle registration, transfer of ownership, issuing road permits, collecting relevant taxes, etc.

You can check the basic details of a particular vehicle from its website if you have the registration number. Whether ownership of a used vehicle, identifying the perpetrator in a road-rage incident, or to have an idea of the owner of that vehicle you sold, this is your go-to page. There are some other websites also which offer such information with a few details.

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How to check Vehicle Registration details through an SMS

Ownership of a vehicle can also be sought by sending an SMS with the Number Plate details or Registration Number. The method is very simple

  • Type VAHAN <space> registration number of the vehicle.
  • Forward the SMS to 7738299899.

So, if you have the vehicle’s registration number you simply have to send an SMS to VAHAN to seek information. 

Check Vehicle Owner’s details by Number Plate or Registration Number on VAHAN website

vahan website

You will need to register on VAHAN website with your email ID and mobile number. When you begin, it will prompt you to open an account. To find out the owner of a vehicle by its number plate, follow the steps mentioned below:

  •     Go to the web page for Vahan or Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
  •     Log in with your credentials
  •     Go to the “Know Your Vehicle Details”
  •     Enter Vehicle Number in the space as shown
  •     Verify the “Captcha”
  •     Click on the search button

However, lately, the Vahan site partially conceals the names of vehicle owners. The Ministry of Transport is said to have taken this step to hide a few alphabets of the owner’s name to protect her/his identity.

Check Vehicle Owner details by Number Plate or Registration Number on Digit Website

digit website

Certain vehicle insurance websites also offer you this facility. For example, Digit insurance service offers this facility on their website Here you will have to share your mobile number to proceed for the information. You have to go through the following steps to find the details using a vehicle’s registration number

  •     Enter the vehicle’s registration number
  •     Fill in your mobile phone number as specified
  •     You will receive an OTP
  •     Enter the OTP and click Get Details

However, godigit seeks the last five digits of the chassis/engine number as well.

How to check Vehicle Owner Details Using Acko App

acko app rto info

Acko started in 2016 as a digital insurer in the country and covers health and electronic appliances, apart from vehicles. Details of a vehicle and its owner can be determined using the Acko App. In this case too, some alphabets will be hidden to protect the privacy of the owner. Acko App can be downloaded from either Play Store or App Store.

  •     Download the App on your smartphone
  •     Open the App, log in using your mobile number
  •     Now, the App will show a list of the services it offers
  •     Click on “RTO info”
  •     Type in Vehicle Registration Number
  •     Click on the green arrow 

How to Check Vehicle Owner Details Using Transportbook Website

transportbook app

Transportbook website and its App offer easy management of carrier vehicles and resources for transporters in India. Its use comes in handy for truck owners and transport companies for payments, trip details, information on local price for diesel, etc.

  •     On the Transportbook website, click “Features” on top
  •     Click on Vahan Vehicle Details
  •     Fill up the truck details in the space provided
  •     Click on “Find”


1. What are the different scenarios where you need to check the vehicle owner name by Registration Number?

When you intend to buy a used car, you would like to know about the owner, right? That is just one useful application of the service. In other usage, following a road rage or an incident of rash driving you have experienced, you may want to seek details of the owner and file a complaint with the authorities. Also, in case you have sold your car through an intermediary or an agency, you may want to know details of the new owner. So, there are several instances where a vehicle owner’s details may be required to be known.

2. Which is the best app to find vehicle details?

RTO Vehicle Information App:  lets you check owner details of a registered vehicle using the Number Plate. It also helps to check any challans issued by traffic police, details of driving license, vehicle insurance, registration, and the vehicle’s resale value. This App has advertisements as well, so you may need to be patient sometimes.

CarInfo: is also a registered vehicles’ information “all-in-one app” for such information. It offers owner details, e-challan details, insurance renewal date, etc. This App also contains advertisements.

3. How does VAHAN gather information about vehicles?

Owners have to apply for Motor Vehicle Registration in their state of residence with all information and documents as required. Vehicle registration, issuance of drivers’ licences, etc. are done at Regional Transport Offices (for a state) and District Transport Offices. The data from State Registers are collected in a National Register. VAHAN is a national vehicle registry service which collects information about vehicles from this Register. The number of vehicles whose data has been digitised is close to 30 crores.