Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers today (January 30): watch and win Rs 1,000 Amazon gift voucher

Vodafone Idea may have lost a lot of subscribers but the operator is trying its best to rejig operations in the country. From focusing it’s business towards enterprise to retaining existing subscribers, Vi is changing its roadmap in a big way. One of the plans is to revamp recharge plans and offer rewards to customers.

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In its path to revamp, Vi is running a contest called Binge Karo Win Karo. The premise of this quiz is rather simple. By binge, Vi is focusing on its video platform and by win, the company is highlighting possible rewards that customers can get with their participation.

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers (January 30)

  • Colosseum
  • Funeral of Brutus
  • Retiarius

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Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest questions and answers

Question 1: Where did the Gladiator originally perform?

Option 1: Colosseum
Option 2: Carnivals

Answer: Colosseum

Question 2: The first Roman gladiatorial show was held on what occasion?

Option 1: Funeral of Caesar
Option 2: Funeral of Brutus

Answer: Funeral of Brutus

Question 3: What class of gladiator used a net to trap to their opponent?

Option 1: Retiarius
Option 2: Dimachaeri

Answer: Retiarius

What is the Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest?

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest

This contest is only active subscribers of Vi

Vodafone Idea seems to be taking a page from Flipkart here with the contest. The Walmart-owned e-commerce site has built a range of interactive video contests. Vi, instead of building something similar, is using one of its existing platforms. The movies contest is directly associated with Vi Movies and TV service.

All that one needs to do, according to Vi, to participate in this contest is watch the movie of the day and then answer three questions based on the movie. However, watching the full movie is not necessary but you should watch partners contest for at least 15 minutes. If you watch the movie then answering the questions will become easier. But in some cases, you can answer these questions without watching the movie or using the answers above.

With this contest, Vi is awarding 10 winners daily with gift vouchers worth Rs 1,000 from Amazon. There are also Amazon vouchers worth Rs 2 lakhs that can be won by regularly playing this contest. If you didn’t watch movies on Vi Movies and TV service before then you might now. The only caveat being that this contest is closed to Vodafone customers.

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest: how to play

  • Download the Vi app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Login using your Vodafone Idea number and enter the OTP to authenticate yourself.
  • On the home screen of the app, click on the Vi Movies and TV section.
  • Scroll down a little to find a banner image with the description “Binge Karo Win Karo”.
  • Click on this image to get started.
  • When you click on the banner image, the contest will open on a new browser window.
  • Answer all the three questions correctly and you will become eligible for the contest.
  • You can also click on this link to go to the contest directly. You might get a prompt to login using your number and an authentication code sent in the form of OTP. Now, select the right answers to enter the contest.

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest: terms and conditions

  1. The participant must be an active subscriber of Vodafone Idea Limited.
  2. The participant must be an Indian citizen of age 18 or higher.
  3. The participant must have downloaded the ViMTV app on or during the challenge period.
  4. This is a limited period contest that VIL might extend or withdraw at any time.
  5. The challenge is contemplated on the contents provided by Lions Gate India LLP and Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
  6. The winners will be selected at the end of the challenge period and a computerized process will select 10 daily winners.
  7. In case of a tie, the participant with views of most content will be selected as winner.
  8. The names of the winners will be announced within 10-15 business days.
  9. All prizes will be given after deduction of various taxes, license fees and charges as applicable.
  10. The participation is voluntary and VIL does not charge customers for their participation.

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers (January 29)

  • MI7
  • Pegasus
  • Angus Bough

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers (January 28)

  • Boston
  • Dance Club
  • Grocery Store

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers (January 27)

  • Financial Crisis
  • Identical Twin
  • Mama

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers (January 26)

  • Dragon Emperor
  • Zi Yuan
  • The O’Conells

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers (January 25)

  • Isla Sorna
  • Their Son
  • Eric

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers (January 24)

  • The Library
  • Lube
  • A bra

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers (January 23)

  • Planet G
  • Hawaii
  • Sunlight

Vi Binge Karo Win Karo movies contest answers (January 22)

  • Chems
  • Eric Byer
  • Drone Attachs
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