Vi fancy numbers online booking: how to buy VIP prepaid and postpaid mobile number from Vi website

Vi fancy number online booking is a unique service that the telecom operator provides to its new customers. The option is available on the official website and is presented when you proceed to purchase a new prepaid or postpaid connection. You’re presented with two options to choose from – free numbers and premium numbers.

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While the former are just random numbers, premium number option lets you pick unique number combinations which represent something special to you. Currently, only Vi (aka Vodafone Idea) is offering such service in the country. In case you’re looking for a special phone number for yourself, here’s how you can get it from Vi.

What is fancy mobile number?

Vi lets users purchase premium numbers on its website

Vi lets users purchase premium numbers on its website

A fancy mobile number is often called a VIP number by telcos and authorised dealers. Usually, when a customer goes to purchase a new mobile connection, they are offered a choice of number from various random mobile numbers. However, a fancy number lets you pick a number of your preference, which holds some significance for you. With Vi, you can pick a fancy number right from their official website without having to pay a hefty amount for a premium number.

How to buy a fancy number from Vi online?

Purchasing a fancy number from Vi online is a very straightforward process and can be done from the official website. Below are the steps for Vi fancy numbers online booking.

  1. Visit the official Vi portal for a new connection
  2. Select from prepaid or postpaid
  3. Enter your pin code and existing contact number
  4. Next click on the Premium tab
  5. You’ll be shown a bunch of numbers ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 7,500
  6. Click next if you don’t see a number that you like to see next set of premium numbers
  7. Once you see a number you like, click on it
  8. You’ll then be shown a plan best suited for your requirement
  9. If you’re okay with the plan shown, enter your address and proceed to checkout
  10. If you don’t like the plan, click on Change plan, select the plan you like and proceed to checkout
  11. Choose from credit/debit card, netbanking, and wallets to make payment
  12. Your order will be confirmed and you’ll be contacted by Vi for the SIM delivery

Why should you choose a fancy number?

In case you want a number that represents a special date, lucky numbers, favourite vehicle’s licence plate number, among others, you can do so with a fancy number. Additionally, it’s useful people who want consecutive mobile numbers, numbers based on numerology, and special combinations like numbers ending with 00000, 12345, 77777 or the likes.

How to activate the new Vi 4G SIM?

Usually, the SIM card delivery agent helps new subscribers to activate their new Vi SIM card. However, if you already have a Vi SIM, which has not been activated, you can easily do so through call or SMS.

Activate new Vi 4G SIM through call

  1. Open Phone app on your phone
  2. Dial 59059
  3. Confirm your identification details
  4. Follow the instructions provided
  5. Wait for 24 hours till your SIM card is ready to use

Activate new Vi 4G SIM through SMS

  1. Open Messages app on your phone
  2. Type SIMEX <19-20 digit SIM card number>
  3. Send to 55199
  4. You’ll receive a reply to the same message with last six digits of SIM card number missing
  5. Reply back with the last six digits within two hours of receiving the SMS
  6. Your new Vi 4G SIM will be activated in 20 minutes
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