Vi Weekend Data Rollover benefit extended indefinitely

  • Vi Weekend Data Rollover benefit has been extended indefintely
  • The benefit was expected to expire on April 17th, 2021
  • The Weekend Data Rollover benefit lets users utilise leftover data over the weekend


Vi (aka Vodafone Idea) Weekend Data Rollover benefit has been further extended for an indefinited period of time. Notably, the benefit was introduced last year in October. The offer was initially valid till January 17th, 2021, which was then extended till April 17, 2021 according to the terms and condition page on the official website.

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April 17th has come and gone but the Vi plans with Weekend Data Rollover benefit continue to be listed with the offer. It seems that the telecom operator has extended the offer for its users for indefinite duration without announcing it.

Vi Weekend Data Rollover benefit extended indefinitely

According to the terms and conditions page, the telecom operator reserves the right to withdraw the Weekend Data Rollover benefit at any point in time. Since the company has not mentioned any particular date so far, we can safely assume that it has been extended indefinitely for now. We can expect the company to update the official website in the coming days.

For the uninitiated, the Weekend Data Rollover benefits allows users to utilise all their leftover data from Monday to Friday on Saturday and Sunday. Basically what it means is if a user is on a 2GB/day plan and is only utilising 1GB of data every day from Monday to friday, the reminder 5GB (1GB everyday) will be available to the user on weekend.

The daily data limit on Saturday and Sunday will not kick in until the user has exhausted the leftover data. If the user is unable to use the accumulated data over the weekend, it will expire. Users can check the amount of accumulated data in the ‘Active Packs and Services’ section of the Vi app or dial ‘*199#’ from their phone.

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