Vivo IFEA concept smartphone with detachable front camera module showcased

Vivo has showcased the IFEA (Interest Free Explore Amazing) smartphone at the online ceremony of the Red Dot Awards. The highlight of the smartphone is the elevating dual selfie camera, which can be detached from the smartphone to become an independent module. The front camera module has its own battery and can be remote-controlled from the smartphone itself.

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Vivo is no stranger to concept smartphones with extremely futuristic designs. The brand was the first to introduce the elevating selfie camera on the Vivo NEX back in 2018. The company then went on to announce the Vivo Apex 2019, which was a hole-less and button-less smartphone with a full-display fingerprint scanner. Earlier this year, the brand showcased the next-generation Apex 2020 with an in-display selfie camera and 120-degree curved screen.

Vivo IFEA specifications and features

The Vivo IFEA comes with a detachable front camera module

The Vivo IFEA comes with a detachable front camera module

Vivo has not detailed the core specifications of the smartphone as of now, which is commonplace with concept phones. However, the brand has laid down various use cases of the detachable camera module of the Vivo IFEA. According to the image posted on the Red Dot website, the front camera module seems to be using a proprietary magnetic connector to attach to the smartphone. Additionally, Vivo has announced that the camera module comes with its own battery which charges when connected to the phone.

The company has listed four innovative shooting angles for the detachable module, namely first-person perspective shooting, special perspective shooting, virtual shooting assistant, and multi-camera simultaneous shooting. The first-person perspective shooting mode is similar to an action camera style of shooting and special perspective refers to shooting scenes like upside-down frames. The virtual shooting perspective refers to group selfies, timelapse videos and more such applications. Lastly, the multiple camera perspective involves setting up several detachable camera modules for shooting the same video from different angles.

In its official blog post, Vivo has stated that the front camera module can be replaced with different lenses such as a fish-eye lens, an ultra-wide sensor and a telephoto lens. The default camera module features a primary lens backed by an ultra-wide sensor. Additionally, the back panel of the handset houses a triple camera module with a 64MP primary camera, as shown in the render on the Red Dot website.

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