Vivo V9 with iPhone like Notch and Under-the-Screen Fingerprint Sensor Coming Soon

Just like the case of the disappearing headphone jack, the awkward looking notch at the top of bezel-less screens is rapidly becoming a trend. After Apple introduced it with the iPhone X, Asus was quick to rip that off in the new Zenfone 5 series phones. Now, Vivo is looking to put it on the V9. It is likely to be the successor of the current flagship phone that the brand sells in India – the V7+. To live up to the brand’s reputation of providing great selfie cameras, the V9 will come with a 24-megapixel front-facing camera.

That being said, the camera might not be the most hyped feature of the phone. The smartphone will come with not one, but two features that will grab your attention. To start with the more visible one – the notch! Just like every year, most brands will copy what Apple starts and Vivo wouldn’t want to stay behind. There isn’t much information yet, but the brand will be able to justify the notch only if they manage to fit in a sophisticated camera setup in it that can be used for biometric purposes. If the V9 is fitted with just a good selfie camera and nothing else, then the notch most definitely won’t be justified.

Speaking of biometrics, the smartphone will come with a neat trick under its screen. Just like the Vivo X20 Plus UD and the Vivo Apex that was displayed at MWC 2018, the Vivo V9 will come with an under-the-screen fingerprint sensor. Owing to this, the phone will be able to have a truly full-screen display, and have a screen-to-body ratio as high as 98%.

Vivo over the years has introduced its flagship X-series phones as V-series in India. It is likely that the V9 could be the X20 itself. The news about the upcoming V9 has surfaced through a billboard image which shows what the phone will look like from the front. Vivo is also likely to introduce some software enhancements to complement its 24MP selfie camera including Face Unlock and its own take at Animoji.

Vivo has scheduled an event on 5th March in China to unveil the Vivo Apex in all its glory. The Vivo V9 is also likely to be launched at the same event. Its Indian launch can be expected in a couple of months following it. Considering the speculations regarding its fancy features, the phone is likely to be a bit pricey. However, also taking into account the tough competition that exists in the Indian smartphone market, the brand could decide to launch the phone at a lower price point.