Vivo X20 Plus UD With Under-the-Display Fingerprint Sensor to Launch on January 25

Earlier last year, Vivo was the first company to claim that they were in the process of integrating the fingerprint sensor under the display of their smartphone. The company finally showcased a working prototype of the phone at CES 2018. However, at the event, the phone didn’t have a name or a launch date. This has finally changed and the brand has decided to call the phone as the X20 Plus UD. The UD stands for under-the-display(?). As per reports, the phone is expected to launch on January 25, 2018.

The Vivo X20 Plus UD looks very similar to the X20 Plus, except when you flip it over and notice that the squarish fingerprint sensor is no longer there. Instead, the fingerprint sensor on the upcoming phone will remain hidden, under its screen. The sensor will be located on the bottom of the screen. When you wish to unlock the phone, an icon representing the fingerprint sensor will show up, after placing your finger on it, the phone will unlock.

Rewinding a couple of years back, this sort of feature came in the form of dummy apps which showed a fingerprint sensor. Now this feature has evolved and will be backed up with true hardware and offer far more security. Vivo has partnered with Synaptics to bring this enhanced technology to the mainstream smartphone market.

The new technology, however, comes with some restrictions that will limit its applications in majority of smartphones that will launch in 2018. Firstly, the fingerprint sensor isn’t as quick as a standard fingerprint sensor. Secondly, the technology can only be used when the phone deploys an OLED display. OLED screens are more expensive to fit into smartphones due to which we may see more flagship phones come with this feature, not mid range phones.

Speaking about the Vivo X20 Plus UD itself, it sports a large 6.43-inch (justifying the Plus in its title) AMOLED display. The phone will follow the bezel-less screen trend and have an 18:9 aspect ratio. Under the hood, the phone may feature the same internals as found on the X20 Plus. Improved specifications will definitely be welcome, but it may be too soon for Vivo to fit in the Snapdragon 845 into this upcoming offering.

The release date has been leaked by popular leakster Zyad Atef which reveals that the phone may be appearing sooner than we expected. It is likely to be launched for the Chinese market initially and slowly make its way to other countries as well.



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