Vivo announces OriginOS with refreshed UI and new features: here’s the list of eligible devices

On: November 19, 2020

The Android OS on Vivo phones is overlaid with its FunTouch OS custom ROM. Yesterday, Vivo announced the arrival of the all-new OriginOS as a successor to the FunTouch OS. The OriginOS comes with a refreshed user interface and several exciting features.

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Vivo revealed that the OriginOS is designed based on users’ expectations. It replaces the older homescreen with a new-desktop grid system called “Klotsk grid”. It also provides users with an improved notifications system, easy-to-use gestures, memory optimisations, and more. Compared to the FunTouch OS, the OriginOS offers streamlined aesthetics along with a smoother and intuitive user experience.

Vivo OriginOS: top features


The OriginOS offers a refreshed user interface

The OriginOS can have multiple homescreens and each one of them can be populated with widgets (or grids). These grids work like live tiles found on Windows OS and can be easily rearranged. So, the appearance of the widgets can change constantly depending on the information they carry. In order to get more information, all it takes is one tap on the widget.

For visual flair, the dynamic homescreen can automatically change wallpapers depending on real-world conditions like time and weather. The lockscreen shows the clock and the existing wallpaper with changing light and shadow effects. The new notifications feature of the OriginOS is dubbed as Nano Alerts. It makes it possible to view the notifications of any app through its widget.

The OriginOS supports easy-to-use 26 navigation gestures. The company did not detail them but claimed that it will not require any practice to master them. For making payments seamlessly, users can make use of the SuperCard which can be summoned from any screen with a single swipe from the bottom. The OriginOS has another feature called Parallel World, which can be used to switch to regular Android interface instead of the native grid-like UI.

The OriginOS is equipped with Multi-Turbo 5.0, which brings three kinds of optimisations techniques to enhance the performance of the device. The Memory Fusion feature can intelligently integrate RAM and ROM together so that a sufficient amount of RAM is available for apps to run smoothly. Vivo claims this feature can add up to 3GB of additional RAM. The Process Optimisation technology improves the memory usage so that apps consume less RAM. The third feature of the Multi-Turbo 5.0 is called App Preloading and it can intelligently predict which app will be opened by the user and prepare the required resources.

Vivo OriginOS upgrade: list of eligible smartphones

The Vivo X60 series phones that are expected to debut in December could be the first phones to come preinstalled with the all-new OriginOS. Vivo confirmed that the open beta will be available for the following handsets.

In January 2021

  1. Vivo NEX 3S
  2. Vivo X50 series
  3. Vivo S7
  4. iQOO 5 Pro
  5. iQOO 5
  6. iQOO 4
  7. iQOO Pro
  8. iQOO
  9. iQOO Neo3

In February 2021

  1. Vivo NEX 3
  2. Vivo NEX 5G
  3. Vivo X30 series
  4. iQOO Neo
  5. iQOO Neo 855

In Q2 2021

  1. Vivo X27 series
  2. Vivo S6
  3. Vivo S5
  4. Vivo S1 Pro
  5. Vivo S
  6. Vivo Z6
  7. Vivo Z5
  8. Vivo Z5
  9. Vivo Z5i
  10. Vivo Z5
  11. iQOO Z1x
  12. iQOO Z1
  13. Vivo NEX Dual Display
  14. Vivo NEX Screen Fingerprint Edition
  15. Vivo NEX S.

At present, there is no official word on the arrival of the OriginOS in India.

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