Vodafone Idea introduces Rs 29 prepaid value pack with talktime and data benefits

On: May 22, 2020

Vodafone offers several ‘value packs’ to its subscribers, which are categorised by Talktime, AllRounder and Plan Voucher segments. While the first one offers only calling minutes to users, AllRounder plans come with talk time as well as data benefits, and the Plan Voucher offers Vodafone to Vodafone calling benefits. The telecom operator has now added a new prepaid plan to its value packs.

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The new plan comes with a denomination of Rs 29 and is the most inexpensive plan in the AllRounder section. This means that for Rs 29, users will not only get calling minutes but also data benefits. This is an ideal pack for light users.

Vodafone Rs 29 value pack details

The Vodafone Rs 29 value pack offers Rs 20 Talktime and 100MB data for 14 days

The Vodafone Rs 29 value pack offers Rs 20 Talktime and 100MB data for 14 days

The Rs 29 Vodafone AllRounder value pack comes with both talk time and data benefits as mentioned before. The new plan offers a total of Rs 20 talk time (calls and SMS) to all networks in the country. Once you exhaust the Rs 20 talk time, the pack will offer a special call rate of 2.5 paise per second for voice calls.

The Vodafone Rs 29 value pack also offers 100MB of data to customers. The validity of the plan is limited to 14 days. Interestingly, the same pack used to offer national, local and roaming calls at 30 paise per minute and validity of seven days, earlier.

All Vodafone AllRounder value packs

The Vodafone AllRounder value packs start from Rs 29 and go all the way up to Rs 95. The Rs 39 and Rs 49 packs offer Rs 30 and Rs 38 talk time respectively with 100MB data each. The former comes with a validity of 14 days and the latter offers 28 days validity. Other two AllRounder packs are Rs 79 and Rs 95 offering Rs 64 and Rs 74 talk time with 200MB data for 28 days and 56 days, respectively.

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