Waze Comes Up With an Interesting Driver Satisfaction Index

We have all been there where we have discussed how poorly do the drivers on the road are in our city. Since grass is always greener on the other side, it is very easy to comment that your city is bad and perhaps the neighbouring one is where everyone follows the lane and do not honk at every opportunity. To put the driving in general into perspective, Waze has come up with an interesting report.


They have mapped selected places in the world and have written down the driver’s satisfaction index. This gives you a brief idea about what it is like to be on the road in these selected places. unfortunately, in the index India does not warrant a place, but if you are planning to move to the US or even Europe and parts of Middle East, this index will give you useful information. Beyond a global matrix which ranks the cities, the site also gives a breakup of the rating.

You have factors such as road condition, safety, traffic and driver services which gives you a more microscopic picture. The final score is given out of ten, and clearly, closer the rating is to ten, the higher is the driving satisfaction index of the place. In terms of counties, Netherlands has the highest satisfaction index, followed by France and then the United States. El Salvador was the lowest in the list. When it comes to a metro city, Cebu in Phillipines was the lowest while Valence in France scored the highest.

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