Best air purifiers under Rs 10,000

The Winter season is when the pollution is at its worse. Air purifiers are one of the best ways to reduce the impact of air pollution on health.

Here are the top affordable air purifiers in India.

Mi Air Purifier 3

Mi Air Purifier 3 offers a 380 m³ / h of CADR and a 3-layer filtration. Xiaomi claims that the purifier can eliminate 99.97 percent of pollutants up to 0.3 microns.

Realme TechLife
Air Purifier 

The Realme TechLife Air Purifier has a high CADR of 330 m³ / h. Just like Xiaomi Realme also claims to remove 99.75% particles through a 3-stage filtration.

Philips AC1215/20

The Philips air purifier’s highlight is a 4 stage filtration and a 4-colour air quality indicator. It has a CADR of 270 m³ / h. It also removes the airborne H1N1 virus.

Eureka Forbes Air Purifier FAP 7000

The Eureka Forbes Air Purifier FAP 7000 can ​​cover up to 600 square feet. It has a 3-stage purification and removes up to 99.95 percent micro-particles.

Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp Air Purifier is equipped with Plasmacluster Technology that removes H1N1, E. Coli, MRSA, and TB microbes. It uses an H14 HEPA Filter, an Active Carbon filter, and a pre-filter.

Honeywell Air Touch V2 Air Purifier

This air purifier offers a CADR of up to 250 m³ / h. Other features include 3-stage filtration, auto mode, sleep mode, and filter change indicator.

Kent Aura Room
Air Purifier

The Kent Aura Room Air Purifier has a CADR of up to 180 m³ / h. It uses a HEPA filter and a carbon filter to remove pollutants as well as odours. 

Blue Star BS-AP300DAI 444CMH

This air purifier from Blue Star comes with SensAir and Microbe DeActiv+ technology.  It supports 4-stage purification and has options like turbo and timer mode.