Best tips to improve iPhone experience

Apple has shared 10 tips to make the iPhone experience better. Let’s take a look.

iOS is the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use OS out there. However, there’s a learning curve for new iPhone users. 

Swipe to delete in the calculator

Pressed a wrong digit in the calculator? Simply swipe left or right on the screen to erase the wrong digit. No more pressing ‘C’ and starting from scratch.

Pin content in Messages

In iOS 15, users can pin important content to the top of the chat window like links or contacts. Simply long-press the desired content and tap on ‘Pin’.

Stackable widgets

Did you know you can stack widgets in iOS 15? Long-press on any empty space on the home screen and then drag a widget on top of another similar-sized widget.

Select multiple photos

Long press on a photo until you feel a vibration. Now, keep holding the photo while selecting more, switch to a new app, and release photos to share.

Use text replacement

Head to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. You can now add replacement text like ‘TTYL’ for ‘Talk to you later’. This is useful for quick typing messaging apps.

Scan documents

You can now scan documents directly from your iPhone camera. Just open the camera app and click on ‘Scan Documents’. Point the camera at the document to be scanned.

Copy real-world text

You can copy the text on objects like a recipe from a book. Simply open the camera, point it at the recipe, and tap on the ‘Scan text’ button. Now, tap ‘Copy’ and past in Notes.

Siri quick access

iOS lets you access Siri quickly in its latest iterations. All you need to do is swipe down from the middle of the screen to access Search and Siri suggestions.

Jump to the top in Photos

Apple has made it easier to scroll back to the top of the gallery in Photos. Just tap on the top of the screen to jump to the first photo in an album in the Photos app.