8 COVID-19 myths you shouldn't believe

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COVID-19 misinformation not only causes harm, but can prove to be fatal.

Here are some popular COVID-19 myths busted by the Indian government on its official Twitter handles. 

Popular COVID-19 Myths Busted 

Fact: You can test COVID-positive after vaccination, but the severity will be greatly reduced

Myth: You can't get COVID-19 after vaccination

Fact: Wearing a mask doesn't cause CO2 intoxication or O2 deficiency

Myth: Long-term use of mask causes health issues

Fact: This is not true and you must trust only RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen tests

Myth: If you can hold your breath for 10 seconds, you don't have COVID

Fact: There's no such medicine 

Myth: COVIPRI is a Remdesivir substitute

Fact: You can get vaccinated even if you're menstruating 

Myth: Taking COVID-19 vaccine during periods is risky

Fact: COVID-19 vaccination has not been approved for children yet

Myth: Children above 12 years of age can take Covaxin

Fact: COVID can infect all age groups but it tends to be mild in children

Myth: Children below 18 years of age are immune to COVID

Fact: Inhaling steam doesn't kill coronavirus. Only use prescribed medication by a doctor.

Myth: Steam inhalation kills coronavirus