Top tips to protect your phone on Holi

Holi 2022 is here with the festival of colours falling on March 18th.

It’s natural to use your smartphones to capture memories.

Here are the top tips to protect your phone and gadgets from water.

Waterproof pouch

There are waterproof pouches to keep your phone safe on beaches and underwater. Use these to protect your smartphone on Holi. If you can't find one, you can also use a ziplock bag.

​Seal the ports

Even with the waterproof pouch, there’s no guarantee the water won’t get in. Go an extra mile to seal and secure the ports with duct tape including speakers and charging port.

Keep your phone on silent

When your speaker ports are sealed, loud music might destroy the speakers. To avoid this, ensure that your phone is on silent mode for the day and don’t play music on it. 

Use pattern lock

If you have to take out the phone from the pouch to unlock it because the fingerprint scanner was not working, it defeats the purpose. Set screen lock to pattern lock for the day.

Use glycerin to protect earbuds

Most earbuds and earphones these days come with water resistance. Apply a thin layer of glycerin or moisturiser on them to avoid colour staining during Holi. 

​Use waterproof wrist band cover

Most smartwatches feature water resistance. However, the warranty doesn’t cover water damage and it's best to put on a waterproof wristband cover to be safe.

Don’t put your phone to charge if it’s wet or humid. Also, don’t put it to charge right after taking it out of the waterproof pouch. Leave it aside to dry for a couple of hours.

Don’t charge if wet

Modern smartphones and TWS earbuds come with waterproof or splash-resistant ratings. However, don't try to push the boundary and practise precaution while playing Holi.

Don’t push the boundaries