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Standing Desk

Sitting down all day can have nasty side-effects on your back. Get yourself a standing desk to break the monotony and boost productivity.

High-back chair 

When you are sitting, make sure you have an ergonomic chair. High-back chairs with adjustable height and comfortable armrests are important.

External monitor 

Invest in a high-resolution monitor to complement your laptop. You'll be able to use multiple apps simultaneously and finish your work faster too.

Multi-port hub

If your laptop is low on ports, a multi-port hub is an inexpensive way to add Type-C, USB 3.0, SD card slots and more to the mix.

Desk mat

Desk mats provide a non-slip base for your laptop or keyboard and double up as mouse pad too.

Wireless mouse 

A good quality wireless mouse is a boon if your laptop has a small, unresponsive trackpad. And you won't have to worry about cable clutter.

HD webcam 

With the integrated webcams on most laptops being mediocre at best, step up your Zoom game with an external HD webcam.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Good noise-cancelling headphones are not only ideal for calls, but also to improve concentration in a noisy home environment.