Must-have laptop accessories

An anti-theft laptop backpack will not only keep your laptop safe in a hidden compartment, but also protect it from damage while travelling.

Anti-theft laptop backpack

A silicone protector will keep your keyboard in pristine condition, and increase the lifespan of the keys too.

Keyboard protector

If the tiny touchpad on your laptop frustrates you, get a wireless mouse. It will help you multi-task easily and won’t add to cable clutter either.

Wireless mouse

A laptop stand keeps your laptop cool by improving ventilation. It also lets you adjust the angle and height of the laptop, making it more comfortable to use.

Laptop stand

If you tend to work from your bed or couch, a lap desk is a must-have. It not only provides space for all your things, but also corrects your posture.

Lap desk

Working for longer hours not only heats up your laptop, but also affects its performance. Get a laptop cooling pad to keep the temperature in check.

Cooling pad

Many modern laptops lack conventional ports like HDMI and USB. A multi-port hub tackles this issue by offering almost all ports in a compact form factor.

Multi-port hub

If your laptop is running out of space, an external HDD or SSD is useful to transfer your big files. Plus, it can function as a backup drive too.

External hard drive

Get a cleaning kit to keep your laptop’s screen free of smudges and remove debris on your keyboard. After all, a well maintained machine lasts longer.

Cleaning Kits

A webcam cover is a simple privacy tool to prevent hackers from spying on you. Plus, it ensures your video remains off until you’re ready for Zoom meetings.

Webcam cover