Top upcoming WhatsApp features

WhatsApp is a de-facto choice these days with two billion monthly active users. The platform keeps launching new features to improve the experience. 

Here are the top upcoming WhatsApp features.

WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp allows users to create standalone chat groups as of now. However, soon users will be able to create communities with similar groups added together for convenience.

WhatsApp Multi-device

Multi-device support is one of the most anticipated features as it allows the same WhatsApp account on different devices. The feature is already in beta and will roll out soon.

New disappearing messages time limits

WhatsApp will soon introduce 90 days and 24 hours time limit for disappearing messages. For now, disappearing messages are automatically deleted after 7 days.

Improved privacy controls

Users will soon get the ‘My contacts except’ option for last seen, status, profile photo, and About. As of now, users can select Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody.

Message reactions

WhatsApp might soon bring Facebook-style emoji reactions to its platform. Users will be able to react to messages sent to them with emojis in chat.

Voice message preview

Currently, WhatsApp allows users to send audio messages. However, there’s no option to preview audio messages for error, but WhatsApp might soon introduce audio preview.

Re-designed contact cards

WhatsApp is redesigning the contact card soon. The profile photo is now circular instead of square and shows the info button next to the name.

Emojis and stickers as group icons

Users can normally set group icons from camera, gallery, and web search. However, WhatsApp will soon let users add emojis and stickers as the group icon.