WhatsApp brings Snapchat-like feature, pushes new update to Android beta

Facebook-owned WhatsApp Inc. has pushed a new update to its WhatsApp Messenger Android beta app that brings a couple of new features. These features include Snapchat-like drawing tools as well as selfie flash, which is aimed at improving the overall selfie quality, especially those taken in low light conditions. Upgrading the app performance and features is not something unfamiliar to WhatsApp as the company regularly pushes significant updates to both Android and iOS app.


This time, however, Android beta version (2.16.264) has received two major changes. One of the added capabilities allows making doodles over the photos before sending them across, which is pretty similar to what people do on Snapchat.

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To make it clear, the new selfie flash feature works with WhatsApp’s built-in camera interface and will undoubtedly benefit only those having selfie-centric phones with an LED flash on the front. For the rest, things simply remain as it is. To make use of this new feature, one needs to tap on the camera icon and toggle the front-facing camera. There you will find a flash icon on the left that can easily be turned on or off.

That aside, a new Snapchat-like feature allows one to draw doodles on the top of pictures. It also includes playing around bigger emojis, text overlays, and stickers. However, one thing should be noted that this feature works only when the photos are captured with the help of the built-in camera.

In other news, WhatsApp is also planning to bring iOS 10 features to its iOS counterpart that includes features such as lock screen access, rich notifications, and Siri API.

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