WhatsApp delays its updated privacy policy to May 15th

On: January 17, 2021

  • WhatsApp has delayed the date to accept its new terms of service
  • The new date is now May 15th and the company says that this will give it time to clear up misinformation
  • WhatsApp received flak from users, with many switching to Telegram and Signal

Last week, WhatsApp clarified what data it will and will not share with its parent company Facebook. The popular instant messaging platform had announced an updated privacy policy earlier this month that would require users to agree or face account suspension or deletion. 

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Now in the latest development, WhatsApp has cancelled the February 8th deadline to accept its new terms of service, and has postponed it to May 15th. The Facebook-owned company added that the postponement will give it more time to clear the air around how privacy and security work on the messaging app. 

WhatsApp postpones its updated terms of service to May 15th


WhatsApp has delayed its updated privacy policy after facing severe criticism from users

In a blog post, WhatsApp acknowledged the confusion and concern among users around its recent update. “WhatsApp wants everyone to help understand its principles and facts on the privacy policy by starting to deliver a special Status message that will be available to everyone in India”, the company said in a statement. The messaging platform added that it would go to people gradually to let them review the policy at their own pace before the new business options are available on May 15th. 

WhatsApp’s privacy policy had caused panic among users regarding data sharing with its parent company Facebook. This led to many users flocking to rivals Telegram and Signal. 

However, the messaging platform assured that user’s conversations (both messages and calls) are end-to-end encrypted and neither of the two companies can have access to personal data. As per WhatsApp, the policy update doesn’t change anything for personal conversations, and instead only affects those who interact with Business accounts on the service. This means that Facebook will only collect the user’s information if they interact with these business and their ads which are also similar to clicking any other ad on the social media platform. 

WhatsApp added that the privacy update does not expand its ability to share data with Facebook. “We helped bring end-to-end encryption to people across the world and we are committed to defending this security technology now and in the future” the company said in a statement.

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