WhatsApp Disappearing messages starts rolling out to all users: here’s how to enable it

On: November 18, 2020

WhatsApp recently announced that it will soon roll out a feature called ‘Disappearing messages’. The company detailed the working of the new feature on its FAQ page, revealing that once enabled, new messages sent to individuals or group chats will Disappear after seven days. WhatsApp has now started rolling out the Disappearing messages feature.

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As mentioned before on the FAQ page, the Disappearing messages feature needs to be turned on in individual chats and in case of groups, will be available only to admins. Let’s take a look at how it works.

What is WhatsApp Disappearing messages?

WhatsApp is now rolling out disappearing messages in the latest Beta update

WhatsApp is now rolling out Disappearing messages to all users

As we already know, the WhatsApp Disappearing messages feature self-destructs messages after seven days. However, it’s not a replacement for Snapchat or Telegram’s self-destructing messages. This is because WhatsApp still lets users save messages, forward or take screenshots even if the Disappearing messages option is turned on. Therefore, it’s advisable to use the new feature only with individuals you trust.

How to use WhatsApp Disappearing messages

  1. Open the WhatsApp Chat in which you want to turn on ‘Disappearing messages’ feature
  2. Tap on the contact’s name on the top and scroll down to see the new feature
  3. Tap on the Disappearing messages and toggle it on
  4. Once enabled, you will be able to see a “You turned on disappearing messages” notification in the chat window and a timer icon next to the profile picture of the contact

As of now, WhatsApp is offering a time period of seven days before the messages are deleted automatically. However, past leaks have shown a self-destruct time limit as low as five seconds. It’s possible that users will be able to customise the time period in a future update.

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