WhatsApp Emoji Meaning: Types of Emojis and their meaning

One of the most popular messaging platforms in India is WhatsApp. Millions of Indians use WhatsApp daily to forward greetings, jokes, and other video or photo content. WhatsApp is quick and effective, offering total privacy. WhatsApp does not only rely on text to get the message across. Emojis are used widely to get the point across without typing too much. For example, it denotes laughing hysterically.

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What are WhatsApp emojis?

Instead of typing Lol, you can use this emoji to show that you’re laughing uncontrollably. People of all generations are using emojis. You can express your feelings and emotions vividly and enhance the chatting experience. There are more than a thousand emojis. That being said, there are certain meaningful emojis that you should know the meaning of. Given below are some of them. 

Types of Whatsapp emojis and their meaning

Emoji name Emoji Meaning Other Names
Grinning Face 😀 Happiness, glee Smiley face
Smiling face with open mouth.  😃 Happy, joyous.  Grinning mouth
Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes. 😄  Laughter, cheerfulness, joy. Open mouth and smiling eyes face
Grinning face with smiling eyes. 😁 Light-heartedness and happiness Grinning face emoji.
Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Closed Eyes 😆 On the verge of laughter Mischievous emoji.
Face holding back tears.  Face holding back tears emoji from Gratitude, emotion Teary-eyed smiley.
Smiling Face With Open Mouth & Cold Sweat 😅 Relief.  Relieved smiley
Face with tears of joy.  😂 Unbridled happiness Laughing out loud smiley
Rolling On The Floor, Laughing 🤣 Rapturous happiness/glee ROFL smiley. 
Smiling face with tears Smiling face with tears emoji from Smile even in tough times Teary-eyed smile. 
Smiling face  Smiling face emoji from Merry, satisfied, speechless Blissful smiley.
Smiling face with smiling eyes.  😊 Shy, embarrassed grin Peace of mind. 
Smiling Face With Halo 😇 Feeling holy/pious Halo emoji
Slightly smiling face.  🙂 Happy with the world Gratitude smiley. 
Upside-Down Face 🙃 Joking, ironic Sarcastic smiley
Winking face 😉 Flirtatious Flirty wink smiley
Relieved face.  😌 Relief, gratitude Relief face smiley
Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes 😍  Insanely in love with a person, place or object. Heart eyes smiley.
Smiling face with smiling eyes and three hearts 🥰 In love, affairs of the heart Smiley in love
Face throwing a kiss 😘 Symbol for flirting or showing gratitude Kissing  smiley
Kissing face.  😗 Kiss denoting “goodbye” or “hello”. “Hello” kiss smiley
Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes 😙  Relaxed kiss, could also mean whistling Kiss face smiley.
Kissing face with closed eyes.  😚 Loving kiss for the darling Romantic kissing face with closed eyes. 
Face Savouring Delicious Food 😋  After eating delicious food.  Food satisfaction smiley. 
Face with stuck out tongue.  😛 Ironic remark Making-fun smiley
Face with stuck out tongue and tightly closed eyes 😝 Crude/black humour, could also denote glee Horseplay smiley.
Face with stuck out tongue with winking eyes.  😜 Flirtatious intention Flirty smiley
Crazy Face 🤪 Something is very funny Laughing uncontrollably smiley. 
Face With a Raised Eyebrow 🤨 Disbelief or disapproval Disapproval smiley. 
Face With Monocle 🧐 Suspicious behaviour Pondering smiley
Nerd Face 🤓 Can be used to show how smart you are.  Awkward smiley
Face with sunglasses.  😎 Self-assured and relaxed Mr Cool smiley. 
Disguised face disguised face emoji from Someone wants to hide who they are Carnival smiley
Smirking Face With Starry Eyes 🤩 Excited and full of anticipation Excited Smiley.
Face with party blower and party hat 🥳 Let’s celebrate Party starter smiley. 
Smirking/Whimsical face 😏 Ironic, coolness or playfulness Ironic smiley.
Unamused face.  😒  Grumpy, sullen gaze  Disapproval smiley. 
Disappointed face 😞 Sad, sorrow Sad face smiley
Pensive face 😔  Melancholy, ,general dissatisfaction and frustration Need time to think smiley. 
Worried face.  😟 Worried about some impending doom Anxious smiley
Confused Face 😕 Doesn’t agree with something Disagreeing smiley. 
Slightly Frowning face 🙁 Can show rejection or anger Rejection face smiley.
Frowning Face Frowning Face emoji from Disgruntled Unhappy Smiley.
Suffering face 😣 Person is struggling Struggling face smiley.
Confounded face 😖 Dismayed, surprised Bewildered smiley
Tired face 😫  Too little sleep Exhausted smiley
Weary face 😩 Reluctant.  Upset and exhausted smiley.
Face with begging eyes 🥺 Trying to get what you want Puppy-eyes smiley. 
Crying face.  😢 Sad and weeping  Weeping smiley. 
Loudly crying face 😭 Sad and distraught Distraught smiley.
Face with look of triumph 😤 Snorting as a sign of superiority Proud smiley
Angry Face 😠 Smiley is upset, angry, and totally furious. Pissed off smiley. 
Face With Symbols Over The Mouth 🤬 Smiley is abusing Cuss-words smiley. 
Face With Exploding Head 🤯  I don’t believe this smiley Blow you away smiley. 
Flush Face 😳 Person is in an uncomfortable situation.  Flushed reaction smiley. 
Overheated face 🥵 It’s’ very hot Heated smiley
Freezing face 🥶 It’s excessively cold Cold face smiley
Face screaming in horror 😱 Scared stiff Horror stricken smiley
Fearful face.  😨  Frightened over something ominous Stunned smiley. 

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😀 Grinning Face

This is the happy smiling face, one of the most widely used emojis applicable universally. Want to say hello, express joy, or brighten up a text? This emoji is for you.

😃 Smiling Face With Open Mouth

This smiley with an open mouth and oval eyes denotes a positive mood, showing its teeth and laughing cheerfully. This smiley expresses enthusiasm. 

😄 Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Smiling Eyes

In this emoji, the smiley’s mouth is open wide with its eyes shut with joy. This denotes laughter, cheerfulness, and joy. However, this may also be used for sarcasm. 

😁 Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes

A happy face laughing mischievously. This smiley represents lightheartedness and happiness. This face is full of joy thanks to an event, maybe excitement, agitation, or embarrassment. 

😆 Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Closed Eyes

This emoji is on the verge of laughter because of something silly or funny. This can also mean mischievous or bitchy laughter about an event, or something that happened to another person. This is the same as XD. 

🥺 Holding Back Tears

This emoji  is slightly smiling with tears in its eyes. It could mean gratitude, pride or emotion. At the same time, anger or rage can be the reason for holding  back tears. 

😅 Smiling Face With Open Mouth & Cold Sweat

This is a sweaty smile of relief that a tight situation went well, and was coped with positively. A difficult event is on the horizon and you are quite nervous. 

😂 Face With Tears of Joy

Laughing so hard that you start crying. These are giggles that can hardly be contained. This emoji is very popular. 

🤣 Rolling On The Floor, Laughing

This is extremely funny, a smiley face rolling on the floor and laughing. This is the emoji version of rofl.

😂 Smiling face with tears

This is a smile even in tough times. Instead of being actually happy, you smile despite the pain. The real feelings are hidden behind a smile. This can be used for someone going through tough times. 

🙂 Smiling Face

I am as merry as ever, completely satisfied and speechless. This emoji expresses bliss. This can also be a shy grin in response to a nice compliment or something nice that has happened. 

😊 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

This is a shy and embarrassed grin. The red cheeks mean joy. This emoji represents contentment, peace of mind, happiness and gratitude. 

😇 Smiling Face With Halo

This emoji would like to express innocence. If someone does good deeds, is sweet and innocent and behaves in a particular way, this emoji is for them. This angelic face may also be used for not so good deeds or acts. 

🙂 Slightly Smiling Face

A slight smile means you are happy with yourself and the world. This emoji can make a statement sound friendlier than it may have meant. Or can have a sarcastic meaning when a smile wherein the smile does not fit the content. 

🙃 Upside-Down Face

Don’t take this person seriously. Joking, ironic or ambiguous, this is the response to a person who cracks a joke. 

😉 Winking Face

The emoji blinks slyly with one eye. This is an expression of humour, representing a practical joke, or flirting or have an ulterior motive. Don’t take this message too seriously. 

😌 Relieved Face

Everything transpired well. The relieved smiley face is happy something unpleasant is over without any harm caused. Relaxed, free of worries and thankful. 

😍 Smiling face with heart eyes

This means you’re happily beaming with heart-shaped eyes. This means that you’re in love with a person, object or place. This expresses the extent of love and affection and part of gratitude. 

🥰 Smiling face with smiling eyes and three hearts

This means you are in love. It’s a romantic emoji with the enamoured expression of the face representing affairs of the heart. 

😘 Face Throwing a Kiss

This denotes a loving kiss straight from the heart. This expresses affection or romantic intent. This may weaken a sarcastic or rude message. 

😗 Kissing Face

This emoji sends kisses to some other person. It is not as romantic as the face throwing a kiss, but rather a kiss to a friend or relative. 

😙 Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes

A relaxed face expression, with smiling eyes and kissing lips. This can be a kiss to friends or relatives, and may also be used for whistling. 

😚 Kissing Face with Closed Eyes

This emoji is a cute face with rosy cheeks and closed eyes. This can be a thank you for a tip or a favour. 

😋 Face Savouring Delicious Food

The smiley is licking the corner of his mouth with its tongue. It is either hungry or has just eaten a whole dish. This may also be a grimace, with a tongue outstretched,d or even a funny message when fooling around. 

😛 Face with Stuck-Out Tongue

This represents horseplay with friends, weakening an ironic remark and ensuring the other person doesn’t take what has been said too seriously. 

😝 Face with Stuck-Out Tongue & Tightly Closed Eyes

This can be used when making fun of someone, jokingly offending them or annoying them. It may also be used for crude or black humour as well as glee. 

😜 Face with Stuck-Out Tongue & Winking Eye

In this smiley, the tongue sticks out and it is winking with an eye. The person has made a joke or wants to flirt with the chatting partner. This smiley is carefree and doesn’t mean anything serious. 

🤪 Crazy Face

Something is extremely funny. The mood is silly and crazy, freaking out with enthusiasm or joy. This may also be a reaction to an indecent joke. 

🤨 Face with a Raised Eyebrow

This is used to express scepticism, disapproval or disbelief. 

🧐 Face with Monocle

A monocle is like a spectacle but with only one glass. This smiley is used when something is suspicious. 

🤓 Nerd Face

Massive glasses, buck teeth and an awkward smile. This is used ironically to express how smart you are. 

😎 Face with Sunglasses

This smiley is Mr Cool with sunglasses. The smiley represents self-assuredness and relaxed, with everything being easy and cool. This may also be a symbol for sun, holidays on the beach or summer holidays. 

disguised face emoji from emojipedia.orgDisguised face

This is a face with funny glasses and false eyebrows, a stuck-on moustache and a bulbous nose. This is used by people who want to hide their intentions. 

🤩 Smirking Face with Starry Eyes

This shows you are very excited about something and full of anticipation. You are overwhelmed and speechless after meeting someone you idolise. 

🥳 Face with party blower and party hat

This denotes a wild party or calls for a celebration. No matter what joyous event is round the corner, it will be celebrated appropriately. This can also mean the carnival season. 

😏 Smirking/Whimsical Face

This smiley has half a smile that denotes complacency, irony, playfulness or coolness. This could also mean someone is up to something. 

😒 Unamused Face

This grumpy, sullen stare expresses dissatisfaction. There’s no enthusiasm and it shows. This is an expression of disapproval and disinterest. 

😞 Disappointed Face

Here, the face droops and is directed downwards. The smiley is sad and has a disappointed expression that represents sorrow, regret and remorse. 

😔 Pensive Face

This has a pondering expression. The emoji looks down and requires time to think. It represents general dissatisfaction, frustration and melancholy. 

😟 Worried Face

An important event or complicated situation can cause a worried face. You feel anxious, insecure and worried.

😕 Confused Face

This smiley represents confusion, i.e when you don’t agree with anything. It is uncertain and disappointing in nature. 

🙁 Slightly frowning face

This frown might also show rejection and anger, or if a person is surprised and anxious. 

🙁 Frowning Face

This emoji has a very sad mouth angle, and seems unhappy and disgruntled. It is dissatisfied with the weather, behaviour of a person and small mistakes. 

😣 Suffering Face

The smiley is struggling and suffering, and is ready to throw in the towel after a difficult day. However, he has to endure the situation and someday have it worked through. 

😖 Confounded face 

The smiley is bewildered and unhappy or very angry. This is the final straw. 

😫 Tired Face

An exhausted emoji with narrow eyes and an open mouth. This is because of less sleep and because of what person or situation has impacted you. You are very exhausted and broken and you first need peace. 

😩 Weary Face

A reluctant smiley with raised eyebrows and a downturned mouth, moaning about unpleasant but emotional things. This emoji is weepy, exhausted and mentally and physically drained. 

🥺 Face with begging eyes

Here the eyes are shining and you have a devoted facial expression. This emoji is begging for something – either the car or money. If asking doesn’t help, puppy dog eyes are your best bet. 

😢 Crying Face

This smiley has drooping eyebrows and is sad and sobbing. A single tear drop runs down the cheek, making it a picture of misery. 

😭 Loudly Crying Face

This emoji is very sad, or is dying laughing. Tears spill forth from the eyes like a waterfall. This emoji represents injury, defeat or pay, and is also used ironically for something so funny you’re dying of laughter. 

😤 Face with Look of Triumph

In this smiley, white clouds are coming out of its nose. It is either snorting contemptuously as a superiority sign, or is proud and triumphant over somebody else. 

😠 Angry Face

Smiley is furious, upset and angry. This is a reaction to something unfavourable or a sign of rejection. 

🤬 Face with Symbols Over The Mouth

This emoji represents cussing. The serious looking smiley is very upset and keeps using 4 letter words. This is an outburst of fury or frustration. 

🤯 Face With Exploding Head

This is because the smiley has been blown away by something exciting or surprising. The exploding head may also be used to denote shock and awe. 

😳 Flushed Face

The person is shocked and is in an uncomfortable position thanks to a mistake. This smiley expresses shame or reacts to a compliment the person didn’t want to receive. 

🥵 Overheated face

This represents extreme heat. The tongue hangs from the mouth and there are beads of sweat on the forehead. 

🥶 Freezing face

It is so cold you might freeze to death. The smile in this is almost frozen. There is a tortured facial expression that can only be helped by tea, coffee or the hot tub. 

😱 Face Screaming in Fear

This is a horror-stricken emoji with two hands on its cheeks, screaming. This emoji may be used ironically or as a Halloween symbol.

😨 Fearful Face

The smiley is scared, frightened and stuff, apparently deeply shocked by an ominous event or an intense experience.