WhatsApp Group Admins Can Now Restrict You From Messaging on The Group

After releasing the ‘Delete for All’ feature, Whatsapp is all set to roll out another interesting update. This upcoming addition to the app will give admins better control over their group. The feature will allow them to restrict content sent by other members. With this update, it will become easier for admins to stop spam images and irrelevant messages from certain members of the group.

The “Restricted Group” feature can be activated by the group admin to restrict one, multiple or if needed, all users from messaging on the group. This would eventually mean that only the administrator can post on the group. This can be beneficial when a group is created with a purpose of sharing a certain type of information, for example, students sharing exam notes. In such a scenario, you wouldn’t want someone from the group to share irrelevant jokes or memes.

However, if someone wants to share something on the group, a message will be sent to the group admin to approve and publish. According to WABetaInfo, a fan site that tests new WhatsApp features, “a group can be restricted once every 72 hours.” What this means is that the group can be silenced for a period of three days in a go. After this duration, this restriction will be lifted. If the admin wishes to continue the restriction, they can repeat the process.

This feature has been discovered in a Beta version of the app which goes by the version number 2.17.430. You can also become a Beta tester by going to the Google Play Store and tapping the ‘Become a Beta Tester’ button on the bottom of the page. The Beta version may have bugs, so the best way to get this feature is to have patience and wait for the final release.

Whatsapp has been successfully rolling out updates one after the other and this may be the next one. We are also excited about Whatsapp bringing peer-to-peer payment feature which is also in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more of such updates on our Blog and Twitter handle.