Whatsapp Introduces Two New Features; Another Ground Breaking Feature In the Pipeline

Whatsapp, the world’s number one messaging app has recently rolled out two new features which prove highly beneficial to the average user – Live location sharing and the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. Both of these features initially debuted in the app’s beta versions over the past couple of days and have finally been rolled out to all users as a stable build.

Live Location Sharing – Share where you are in real time!

Live location sharing which is familiar to iMessage users is finally available for a large chunk of Whatsapp users as well. The feature allows users to share their location with a friend of theirs for a period of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. This feature is useful especially if you’re waiting for a friend and are inquisitive on how far they’ve made it. Now you can always ask them to share their location live and know how close they are to the destination.

The feature will show up on the chat screen as a thumbnail that will display the starting location of the user and a ‘Live until’ time. On tapping the ‘View live location’ button, it will take you to a map where you can check the current location of the user who is presently sharing their location in that chat. You can also switch to a Satellite/Terrain view of the map if you desire. In addition to that, you can even see live traffic status.

Delete for Everyone – Save yourself from the embarrassment of sending that mistimed message

The second new feature that has been rolled out is the ability to delete a sent message from both sides of the chat. This has been a much-demanded feature by numerous users over the years. There has always been one occasion where you may have sent a message to the wrong person and wished you hadn’t, well, fret not, Whatsapp finally has the solution. The app finally allows you to delete a sent message within a span of 7 minutes after it has been sent. Once you delete the message, the content of the message will disappear and it will be replaced with the text ‘You delete the message’’. This feature is available for both personal messages as well as group messages.

When you send a message, you can delete the message by long tapping it and select the delete button on the top bar. The app will then give you an option to either delete the message just for you or for you as well as the recipient. On clicking both, the message will now read as below:

Peer-to-peer Payments – Watch out PayTM and PhonePe!

In addition to these features, Whatsapp is also looking to introduce Peer-to-Peer payment solution in India. This feature will allow users to transfer money digitally to their contacts through the app. This feature will almost instantly be the biggest threat to digital wallets in the country as Whatsapp has a user database of 200 million active users in India alone, which is quite substantial. Also, most lay users are familiar with the chat service and are already using it. This will also mark the company’s attempt at introducing P2P payments anywhere in the world.

WeChat also introduced a similar feature in the Chinese market and has been largely successful at implementing it. Whatsapp’s payment feature has been rumoured to make its debut since April 2017 and was then expected to roll out in the following six months. According to new reports, the feature is in the testing phase and should be out for public use by December 2017.

Do you use Whatsapp as your primary messaging app? How do you feel about the newly rolled out features and what are your views on the upcoming payment feature? We’d love to hear about your views in the comments section below.