WhatsApp New Feature: Accidental Delete Will Now Let You Undo Deleted Messages!


  • WhatsApp announces accidental delete feature.
  • You can now undo the messages deleted using Delete for me feature.
  • Undo is not available for Delete for everyone.

Admit it; we have all embarrassed ourselves by deleting a message accidentally. Instead of deleting a message for everyone, you clicked delete for me. You can’t see the message or delete it. The text remains visible to the other person or the group. Ouch, that hurt.

WhatsApp is making this a thing of the past with its new feature.

WhatsApp is now adding a new feature that lets you undo if you deleted a message using the ‘Delete for Me’ option. WhatsApp is bringing this new feature to Android, iOS and Desktop apps.

This feature is sure to come in handy when you want to delete a message for everyone but accidentally clicked the other option.

This feature is now live on the latest version of WhatsApp and let’s talk about how it works.

How to use the Undo Delete for Me on WhatsApp?

whatsapp undo delete

  1. On any message you’ve sent, click on Delete for Me button.
  2. The message will be deleted for you.
  3. A banner will also appear at the bottom saying, ‘Message deleted for me’, with an UNDO button beside it.
  4. You can only use the Undo option on the 5-second window the banner stays. After that, you’ll be unable to use the Undo option as the message has been deleted.

Undo Not Available for Delete for Everyone

Undo Delete option is only available for the Delete for Me option. It is not available for the Delete for Everyone option. Deleting for everyone remains the same as before, and it still shows that you deleted a message.

We can see from the Twitter reactions to the tweet announcing this feature that everyone is only talking about removing the ‘This message was deleted’.