WhatsApp now allows you to transfer your chats from Android to iPhone


  • Good news for anyone who is switching from Android to iPhone. 
  • WhatsApp now allows users to transfer chat history from Android to iPhone. 
  • Last year, WhatsApp allowed iPhone users to transfer chat history to Android. 

WhatsApp is bringing a new feature that will allow users to move their messages and history from Android to iOS quickly. Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the news on his official Facebook account, revealing that Android users can now move their chats, photographs, videos, and voice messages to an iPhone. 

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Mark Zuckerberg posted on his official account, “We’re introducing the ability to switch between phones securely and transfer your conversation history, images, videos, and voice chats between Android and iPhone while retaining end-to-end encryption to WhatsApp. This is a frequently requested feature.” 

However, there is a catch. There is no straightforward way to convert WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS. Users will have to rely on the Move to iOS app to conduct all the heavy liftings. According to WhatsApp’s FAQ page, to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS, users must have an Android phone running Android 5 or above and an iPhone running iOS 15.5 or higher. Install the iOS app on the Android phone, WhatsApp iOS version or higher on the iPhone, and WhatsApp Android version or higher on the Android phone. 

whatsapp chat android to ios

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone? 

  1. On your Android phone, launch the Move to iOS app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. A code will be displayed on your iPhone. When prompted, enter that code into your Android phone.
  3. Continue by following the on-screen prompts.
  4. Now, on the Transfer Data screen, pick WhatsApp.
  5. Return to the Move to iOS app by tapping Next.
  6. To initiate the transfer, click Continue.

Note: Transferring all of your files would take some time. Once the transfer is complete, the Move to iOS app will confirm. After completing the procedures mentioned above, you must download and install the most recent version of WhatsApp on your iPhone, and you will have to use the same phone number you used on your previous smartphone. The app will then ask you to hit Start to begin the transfer on the iPhone. 

Although users should remember that transferring data does not imply that your existing Google Drive WhatsApp backups will be migrated to your iCloud storage, once the transfer is complete, you will need to manually backup your stuff to iCloud. If you already have an iCloud backup of WhatsApp, it will be replaced with a new one. Not only that, but unless you delete the app or wipe your phone’s data, your WhatsApp data will remain on your Android phone.