WhatsApp users who don’t accept new privacy policy will not be able to access their chat list


  • WhatsApp won’t delete accounts of users who haven’t accepted the new privacy policy
  • However, it will keep sending reminders and offer limited features
  • It seems like WhatsApp wants to give users more time to accept the new terms

WhatsApp has ditched the May 15th deadline given to users for accepting its new controversial privacy policy. The popular messaging platform has confirmed that users who don’t accept the new terms and conditions won’t lose their accounts. The information was posted on WhatsApp’s official FAQ page. 

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However, it’s not all good news. WhatsApp has also stated that the app will offer limited functionality to users who don’t accept the privacy policy.

What happens if you don’t accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy?


WhatsApp will become useless if you don’t accept the new terms

WhatsApp will continue notifying users to accept the updated policy to users who haven’t. The reminder will eventually become persistent after a period of several weeks. After the persistent reminder, WhatsApp will limit the app’s functionality until the user accepts the updates. The Facebook-owned company adds that this will not happen to all users at the same time. 

In a limited functionality mode, WhatsApp users won’t be able to access their chat list. They will only be able to open it and respond to messages through their notifications.  Users will also be able to receive incoming audio and video calls. WhatsApp says that even the limited functionality will be stopped after a few weeks. This will pretty much render the messaging service useless for those who don’t accept the new policy. 

WhatsApp hasn’t revealed the exact dates until when the messaging platform will offer limited functionality mode if the new terms are not accepted. However, it does confirm that the messaging service will indeed stop working at a later date instead of May 15th.

WhatsApp had received backlash in recent months after the new policy was said to come into effect on February 8. Since then users flocked to rival apps Signal and Telegram. There were concerns of user data being shared with parent company Facebook. However, the messaging service cleared the misinformation and reiterated that neither two companies can access data. 


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