WhatsApp’s Shopping button goes live for businesses: here’s how it works

WhatsApp has been launching a slew of new features lately. In the last week, the popular messaging platform has rolled out disappearing messages, a new storage management tool and UPI-based payments within the app. WhatsApp has been testing its Payments feature since 2018 and it is now rolling out to users in India in a phased manner. 

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The Facebook-owned company has now announced a shopping button on WhatsApp. It will help customers discover the shopping catalogue of a business on the messaging platform. WhatsApp says that according to a survey, 76 percent adults in India are likely to do business with a company that they can contact via messaging. 

WhatsApp shopping button lets you check the what goods and services a business offers

WhatsApp shopping button

The WhatsApp shopping button will now display on chats with businesses that have a catalogue

WhatsApp’s shopping button will be beneficial to both the customer and the business. The former can browse the products and start a conversation about an item. For businesses, the feature will make their goods and services discoverable helping them increase sales.

The WhatsApp shopping button looks like a storefront icon. Tapping on this will open up the catalogue and users can browse through the items. Previously, a user had to tap into the business profile to see the catalogue. It’s worth noting that the storefront icon will be displayed only if the business/seller has uploaded a catalogue to their WhatsApp business account. 

The shopping button is located next to the name of the business account’s profile. It also replaces the voice calling button in the chat. Now, users have to simply tap on the call button and then select either voice or video call option. 

WhatsApp also demonstrated the new feature in a video. There is a ‘Message Business’ button below each product in the catalogue that lets users raise a query about the particular product. The user also gets the order and payment confirmation details. With the new payment and shopping button feature, WhatsApp aims to be the one-stop shopping destination where the user checks the catalogue, messages the seller, buys the product and make payment for the same all on the platform. 

WhatsApp’s payment service is currently available for 20 million users. It is based on UPI interface and will offer direct bank transfer payments from the messaging platform itself.

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