WhatsApp’s new storage management tool: how to bulk delete media files and free up space on your phone

WhatsApp has been introducing a slew new features lately. Yesterday, it announced a disappearing messages feature, just a few days after rolling out a ‘mute forever’ option in chats. Now the popular messaging platform has introduced a new storage management tool. 

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The revamped storage management tool aims to reduce storage woes by easily identifying, reviewing and helping users bulk delete content that might be filling up their phone. The new feature is rolling out globally on Android and iOS devices and will be available to all users this week.

WhatsApp now makes it easy to identify and bulk delete media files [Image: The Verge]

Alongside exchanging messages, a lot of media files including GIFs, memes, documents, photos and videos are shared on WhatsApp. This often piles up over time and takes a chunk of the phone’s storage without the user noticing it. The current storage management on the messaging platform doesn’t offer an easy way to clean up WhatsApp media. It lists out chats in ascending order from the largest to smallest space consumed and then users can select a particular chat and delete media (GIFs, documents, photos etc) without a preview option. 

How to use the new WhatsApp storage management tool

The new storage management tool is a welcoming feature that enables users to clear unwanted media files easily. If your app has the new Manage Storage feature, here’s how to use it: 

  1. Go to Settings > Storage and data 
  2. Click on ‘Manage Storage’ at the top
  3. Look for ‘Review and delete items’ 
  4. Individually or bulk select media files and delete

Inside Manage Storage, users will be able to see how much space is taken up by WhatsApp Media and other items on their phone, along with the remaining free space. Below that, the new tool displays files that have been forwarded many times. Users can select multiple items and mass delete them.

There’s also a section that shows media files larger than 5MB. It identifies and sorts files by size in descending order. This helps in deciding what to delete first. The new tool displays a preview of the media under both sections to avoid any accidental deletions. Below the two sections, the tool also shows chats arranged arranged in descending order by the size of shared media.

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