WhatsApp voice messages gets new features: out of chat playback, waveform visualisation, and more


  • WhatsApp is rolling out improvements to the voice messages
  • It includes as many as six new features
  • The updates will be rolled out in the coming weeks

WhatsApp has added a host of new updates for the voice messages feature. The improvements include pausing and resuming recording, playback speed, out of chat playback and more. The new features will make it easier for users to communicate with their contacts on the messaging platform. 

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The voice messages feature was launched way back in 2013. WhatsApp says that on average, users send seven billion voice messages every day. Let’s take a look at all the new voice message features below. 

WhatsApp Voice Messages gets a host of improvements

WhatsApp users can now listen to voice messages outside the chat window while reading or responding to other chats on the platform. It’s worth noting that the voice message will not play in the background if the user leaves WhatsApp or switches to a different app. Users can also pause and resume their recording in case of a brief conversation so there aren’t any gaps of silence. There is also a draft preview of the voice message before sending it. 

WhatsApp has also introduced playback speed for voice messages. This enables users to listen to voice messages at 1.5x or 2x faster. The instant messaging platform is now capable of remembering and resuming from the last point of playback where it was paused. WhatsApp has also updated the visual representation of the sound in voice messages. It shows waveform visualisation while following the voice message playback progress. 

The latest updates to the voice message feature on WhatsApp will be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks. It will take some time to reach your device. We recommend readers to keep their WhatsApp updated to the latest version to experience the new features as soon as they are available. 

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