Whatsapp Will Delete Your Old Data Unless You Backup Manually

On: August 26, 2018

Backing up data is not always the easiest task and let’s admit that many of us hate it. However, you need to act soon if you don’t want to lose your precious Whatsapp data which you haven’t backed up in more than a year.

The popular messaging service after joining hands with tech giant Google stated that it will delete old chats stored on Google Drive if not refreshed before November 12. The company has urged users to manually backup their data before November 12, 2018. After that any backup (including chats, photos, audio and video files) that hasn’t been updated since a year will be deleted. In its agreement with Google, Whatsapp backups will no longer count towards the allocated Google Drive storage quota. This means that users can create a backup of their chats and media saved on Google Drive without utilizing any storage limit. Currently Google gives 15GB free storage to every individual account.

There is a slight and confusing twist to this. Read below how to backup Whatsapp data to Google Drive:

1. There are two ways of storing Whatsapp data. Your data is automatically stored by default in your phone’s local storage. This will be available on your phone even if you don’t connect your Whatsapp to Google Drive. However storing your data locally has its drawbacks like losing your old chats, photos and other files incase you have to reset your phone, change it, or lose it.

2. The second way of storing data is connecting your Whatsapp to Google Drive. To backup your Whatsapp data, follow the steps below:

i) Tap the three dot menu on the right. Select Settings > Chat > Chat Backup
ii) Tap the Backup To Google Drive. You will be asked for the frequency for backups. Select any option ranging from daily to monthly.
iii) Then choose your prefered Google account for performing backup.

Users can also manually backup their data by tapping the BACK UP button above Google Drive settings. It’s important to note that Google will delete your Whatsapp backed up chats only if those chats have not been refreshed in one year. The chats will be deleted after November 12 if you don’t connect your Whatsapp to Google Drive again. Therefore, it is advisable that users backup data manually to Google Drive on weekly or Monthly basis till 12th November to avoid any loss of data.

This new backup policy will help in saving storage space on the phone and at the same time won’t occupy any space in Google Drive. This will be a welcome move from the users since a lot of media is been shared on the platform apart from messaging.

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