Whatsapp Will Now Let You Bypass Government Crackdowns With The New Proxy Support


  • WhatsApp announces Proxy support
  • Proxies can be used by users in countries where it is banned
  • Available in the latest WhatsApp version

whatsapp down

WhatsApp has announced a new Proxy service support feature, which lets you access WhatsApp service with a proxy server. It is primarily aimed at getting access to WhatsApp service in countries it is banned or if there is a government-imposed internet shutdown.

Recently, Iran blocked WhatsApp and Instagram to subdue the protests; this move seems like a direct response.

WhatsApp announced this new feature in a blog post. It added, “Choosing a proxy enables you to connect to WhatsApp through servers set up by volunteers and organisations around the world dedicated to helping people communicate freely.”

WhatsApp has mentioned that all the proxied messages will still be protected by end-to-end encryption like the normal messages you send.

WhatsApp has also mentioned how to host proxies for WhatsApp users; it encourages volunteers and organisations to host proxies “to re-establish connection to WhatsApp and communicate freely and securely.”

How to access WhatsApp via Proxy?

Here’s how you can connect to WhatsApp via Proxy on your Android or iPhone:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone.
  2. Open WhatsApp Settings.
  3. Tap on Storage and Data and select Proxy.
  4. Select Use Proxy on the next page.
  5. Tap Set Proxy and enter the proxy address.
  6. Click Save.
  7. A green check mark will be shown if the connection is successful.

If you cannot connect to the proxy, it might be blocked, and you have to look for a new one.