Whirlpool 3D Cool Inverter air conditioners with Google Assistant launched in India

On: March 17, 2020

Summer is just around the corner, and Whirlpool, one of the leading appliance brands in India, has launched a new series of air conditioners. The company has announced a new 3D Cool inverter range of air conditioners which flaunt 3-air-intake vents, 8-in-1 modes and Google Assistant integration as their highlights. KG Singh, Vice President-Marketing, Whirlpool of India said, “Our products reflect forward-thinking in design, technology and utility with underlying care for our consumers. The new air conditioners come with comprehensive offerings including the revolutionary 3D cool technology, smart Google & Wifi connections and overall aesthetic appeal connecting consumers to the future of cooling.”

Whirlpool 3D Cool Inverter air conditioners specifications and features

The Whirlpool 3D Cool Inverter air conditioners come in 1 ton and 1.5 ton capacities with a 3-star energy rating. They feature 3-air-intake vents for faster heat dissipation from the room. According to Whirlpool, the ACs are equipped with 3D Cool Technology, which ensures up to 60 percent faster cooling even in the peak summer heat of 50 degrees. The ACs also offer 12nm of air throw, which ensures uniform cooling throughout the room. The new range of ACs come with 8-in-1 modes including two convertible modes – Sleep Convert and Comfort Convert. The former comprises Young Mode, Adult Mode, Child Mode and Elderly mode, whereas the latter features normal mode and intellicomfort mode. There’s also capacity convert mode, which offers two capacity modes. Users can switch between all these modes with the press of a single button. The new range flaunts  PuraFresh technology, which purifies the air from dust particles and PM 0.3 pollutants. There’s an in-built electronic filter that only needs regular cleaning and no replacement. For energy management, these new air conditioners feature IntelliSense technology and Smart energy management. Whirlpool claims that the latter can offer lifetime savings up to Rs 65,000 on the electricity bill.

The Whirlpool 3D Cool Inverter ACs also feature support for Google Assistant and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. This means users can pair their AC with Google Home and control it through voice commands. There’s also a Whirlpool App, which can be used to control the AC  from your phone.

Whirlpool 3D Cool Inverter air conditioner price in India

The pricing of the Whirlpool 3D Cool Inverter air conditioner starts at Rs 42,525 for the 1-ton models, and goes up to Rs 48,375 for the 1.5 ton versions. The ACs are listed on Whirlpool’s website in India.

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