Meaning of the white heart emoji 🤍

The White Heart emoji  🤍 portrays a heart in a classic way, coloured in either white or grey. It’s often used to convey emotions like love, support, and deep connections. People also use it to show their admiration for things that are related to the colour white, such as white clothing or animals. It’s a simple but powerful symbol that helps us express these feelings and connections, even in the digital world.  

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What does the white heart emoji mean 🤍

white heart emoji

Imagine this situation – you find yourself deep in a text chat with someone you really like. Out of nowhere, they send a message with the white heart emoji. Or picture this – you have just posted a new photo on your Instagram, and suddenly, someone comments on it using the same white heart emoji. 

No matter the circumstances, it’s totally normal to start wondering: What does that white heart emoji really mean? It’s like the plain version of the red heart emoji, so it’s a bit mysterious. Luckily, we have done some digging and figured out all the possible meanings for you. Keep reading to understand what the white heart emoji is all about and how you should react if you get one in your messages.

Types of Unknown Meanings 

Emojis are something we use every single day of our lives when we are chatting with our friends, family, or partners. Every individual is different, so it’s difficult to ascertain for sure what a particular emoji means. So let’s try to decode all the possible scenarios in this case.

1) Love

The white heart emoji encapsulates a sense of pure love that extends to different types of relationships, whether it’s a parent’s affection for their child or the romantic love between partners. When you comprehend the meaning behind the white heart emoji, you realise it’s a simple yet meaningful way for someone to express just how special you are to them.


  • True love is like a white rose – pure, delicate, and eternally beautiful. 🤍
  • A parent’s love is as enduring as the snowy white landscapes of winter. ❄️🤍

2) Emotional Support

During challenging periods in the lives of our best friends or family members, the white heart emoji frequently emerges as a means to provide reassurance and support. It signifies our commitment to being by their side during tough times. Moreover, this same white heart emoji can also hold significance when someone has experienced the loss of a loved one, serving as an expression of empathy and sympathy.


  • In times of need, your warm embrace and kind words are like a comforting blanket of white. 🌟🤍
  • Our unwavering emotional support is my safe haven, just like a lighthouse in a storm. 🤍

3) Special Bond 

At times, individuals like close friends, siblings, or teammates use the white heart emoji to symbolise their strong bond. Beyond words, this emoji holds the power to encapsulate the depth of special connections with people. Moreover, it stands as a representation of both friendship and profound love for family. Don’t hesitate to employ the white heart emoji the next time you engage in a conversation within the family group chat; it can beautifully convey your sentiments.


  • The mother-son bond is like a precious white pearl, rare and cherished. 🤍
  • The special bond between a dog and its owner is as pure and loyal as freshly fallen snow. 🤍

4) Peace

Given that the colour white frequently represents peace, the white heart emoji is commonly employed to convey this very sentiment. Its usage can help foster a sense of tranquillity within a conversation or a situation.


  • The white dove, a symbol of peace, reminds us of the tranquillity we all yearn for. 🕊️🤍
  • Walking in a serene, snow-covered forest brings a sense of inner peace like no other. 🤍

5) Admiration for something white

In many cases, friends and family members frequently seek your opinion, particularly when they are trying to decide on products during their shopping trip. When someone shares photos of white items such as a dress, an image of a person, flowers, white chocolate, or a pair of shoes, they often use the white heart emoji to convey their affection for these white products.


  • The simplicity of a plain, white canvas can inspire boundless creativity. 🎨🤍
  • Standing in awe of the majestic white peaks of a mountain range is a humbling experience. ⛰️🤍

How to use the white heart emoji in text 

white heart emoji

To incorporate the white heart emoji into your text messages, consider the context and emotions you want to convey. This emoji, symbolising purity and peace, can be used to express feelings of love, and support, or even to establish a calm and peaceful tone in a conversation.

For instance, if a friend shares some good news, you can respond with a message like “That’s amazing! 🤍 So happy for you!” Similarly, during a disagreement or intense discussion, you might write, “Let’s find a solution together. 🤍” Using the white heart emoji adds depth to your messages by infusing them with a sense of harmony and positive emotion. 

How to reply if you receive a white heart emoji 

Confused about what to do when faced with the white heart emoji? 

Reply with the White Heart Emoji

Upon receiving the white heart emoji from someone, you can respond by sending the same emoji back to convey mutual sentiments. This approach suits various scenarios, whether you are engaging with a coworker or a family member.

  • Your support means the world to me. 🤍
  • Wishing you a day filled with love and joy. 🤍
  • You’re a true friend, always there when I need you. 🤍
  • Congratulations on your new journey ahead. 🤍
  • Sending you healing thoughts and strength during this time. 🤍

Select an Alternate Heart Emoji

The beauty of utilising emojis in various colours lies in the extensive choices at your disposal, particularly in the realm of heart emojis. Depending on the context, you can make a choice from your preferred colour palette or opt for a heart emoji that complements the ongoing conversation.

  • You’re always in my thoughts. 💙
  • Sending you all my love. 💚
  • Your kindness warms my heart. 💛
  • Congrats on your success! You deserve it! 🧡
  • Wishing you a day filled with joy and laughter! ❤️

Alternatives to white heart emoji  

white heart emoji

Consider these alternatives to the white heart emoji, each with its own unique meaning:

  • Classic Red Heart – An iconic symbol of romantic love, widely used, especially on Valentine’s Day.
  • Yellow Heart – A symbol of friendship and happiness that brings warmth to your messages.
  • Sparkling Pink Heart – A great option for romantic relationships, perfect for catching someone’s eye.
  • Blue Heart Emoji – Expresses happiness, love, support, and admiration, often used between close friends. Also, it can convey a touch of sadness.
  • Black Heart Emoji – Carries a sense of sadness or dark humour, with varying interpretations. Generally associated with more sombre feelings.

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1) What is the most frequently used emoji?

According to the Unicode Consortium, the 😂 emoji, commonly known as the laugh-cry emoji, holds the distinction of being the most frequently used emoji globally.

2) What emoji should I use to express love? 

The red heart is often used to express love. 

3) What emoji should I send a friend?

You can send any emoji depending on the situation, but the yellow heart is usually preferred by many.

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