White Westinghouse top-loading washing machine has a double inlet, air dry feature and more, priced at Rs 7190

White Westinghouse, one of America’s leading consumer electronics brands, has launched a new line of semi-automatic top-load washing machines in India. A new lineup of washing machines with capacities of 6 kg, 8.5 kg, and 9.5 kg will be available. According to the company, these washing machines are manufactured in India.


Among the features of the new top-loading washing machines are a double inlet, double waterfall, magic filter, collar scrubber, and air drying. To enhance durability, the machines come with a switchable plastic body and an insulated interior.

Double Inlet Feature: The water inlets for the washer tub and spin tub are separate.

Double Waterfall Feature: Two waterfall features are included in the washer tub.

Magic Filter: During a wash cycle, the stainless steel mesh collects lint from the washer as clothing fibres, dust particles, and other residues.

Lint Filter: Filter with small pores that collects lint from the washer during a wash cycle, including clothing fibres, dust particles, and other residues.

Anti-Rust Body: An outer shell made of plastic is built and designed with robust and robust anti-rust materials.

Collar scrubber : Getting rid of tough collar stains.

Insulated Motor : Prevent the motor from overheating up to 140°.

Air Dry : Using air to dry clothes.

Price and availability

The 6Kg version of the upcoming washing machines will cost Rs 7,19, while the 8.5Kg and 9Kg versions will cost Rs 8,999 and Rs 10,499 respectively. Starting December 23, Flipkart will sell the washing machines exclusively.

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