Why Does Pricebaba have Ads?

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Before you say it, we will put it out there, we know ads are annoying. We know it takes away the experience from our core product and if we had unlimited deep pockets we would never have anything that divides the attention of the user.

Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world. In an attempt to keep Pricebaba a free service for you and to survive in an extremely competitive environment, we have to serve ads which help us bring in a good part of our revenues. It adds up as a revenue stream alternative to our affiliate income and it is always good to not be dependent on one stream only. We hope someday that we get the magic pot and a genie which gives us all the cash in the world bank, but until that glorious time, we sadly have to feed our tummies ourselves. We have reinvested all the money that we have made back in the product for giving you a greater experience and several team members are working under massive pay cuts, just to realise their dream of making that perfect research engine for you. Therefore, all streams of revenue are extremely critical for us, going forward.

We try to keep your experience first, in most case these ads will be static and not intrusive. Every once in a while, we look to work closely with our advertising partners to create an engaging advertising experience for our readers, where we feel that the said ad, adds some value to our readers.

Without fail, we always do a thorough check on the ads that are being served and are very strict about the quality as well as the content of the ads that are shown on Pricebaba. As a publisher, we realise our duty towards the consumer is to provide him with accurate information upfront and that is why you will not see any sort of sponsored content unless it is explicitly mentioned on the site.

If you have, in the past experienced any ads breaking your experience or causing excessive pop-ups on the site, please know that we apologise for the same. If the ad is user engaging or initiated by a user we try and keep the frequency cap of the same to just one per session. The frequency capping is determined by the cookies collected so that you will not see the same ad repeatedly. This is why we encourage all our users to have their cookies enabled so that we can know that we have served you in the past and you deserve that extra bit of special privilege for coming back to us.

We would also like to warn our users, that sometimes, ads that you see on your browser are not ads initiated by Pricebaba but from a malicious software, you may have installed. They could also crop up from third party extensions or toolbars if you are using any. In such cases, we do not really have the levers of control in our hands. However, if you still feel that you have spotted an ad unit that you feel should not be on Pricebaba, we are always keen to hear from you. You can drop in a word at support at

If you are an advertiser and looking for opportunities on Pricebaba, you can get in touch with us at partners at

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