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So like every year this year too Apple launched what they like to brag as “the best iPhone” they ever made. Like last year, this year too, Apple launched two new iPhones; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Even before they were launched, I had decided to skip this years iPhone and after the launch, my decision just got reaffirmed. Why?

It’s dawned upon me that the pride and joy of having the latest flagship device last only for six months. The next six months are in fact terrible — because that’s the time when a) numerous rumors of the next iPhone start flooding and b) there is a substantial price drop from the day one price tag. I cannot fathom how Sony users deal with this feeling ever since they moved to the 6 month cycle. Moving on, I bought my iPhone 5s at launch in India for a staggering Rs. 62,500. Initially being drawn to the gold variant, after seeing it in real life, I ended up buying the Space Gray model as it looked more appealing to me.

And, a year later the phone works just fine, even if the iPhone 6’s A8 chip is faster than my phone’s A7 chip. I have even paid for extended warranty in case something goes wrong with the device. Also the question that I asked myself when contemplating to buy the iPhone 6 is — what is it offering me? And the answer is, nothing that I need. There’s absolutely no lure in getting a bigger screen phone. In fact, the 4 inch screen seems just right. But Apple obviously had to give into peoples’ demands (especially in Asian countries). The camera may be incrementally better but then again, I’m not into photography, so the current 5s camera is more than sufficient for me. Finally, the most “revolutionary” feature of the iPhone 6, Apple Pay, isn’t going to be available in India.

Ultimately it boils down to the pocket. As much as people are excited about the deals on the 5s, it brings no joy to me as my phone’s resale value has dropped even further. So to buy the iPhone 6, I would have to put in around Rs. 30,000 over and above the money that I’ll fetch by selling the 5s. This is just not worth it. One could get another Android phone with that money and enjoy best of both worlds. To add to that, unlike earlier when prices of Apple products didn’t budge till a newer model was announced, this year it’s evident that even the mighty Apple couldn’t hold the fort. So, I can buy an iPhone 6 after a year hopefully for 30-40 percent less than the launch price of Rs. 53,500. Having said that, now that the iPhone 6 is soon going to be on sale in India, I’m tempted to buy one but that itch will die down soon. Chalo, one more year to go for the iPhone 6S and hope that Apple brings out some breakthrough feature like they did with Touch ID in the 5s. Oh Apple, only if the iPhone 6 had that “one more thing” Apple. Yes, that “one more thing”.

Criselle Lobo

Criselle Lobo is an Associate Editor at She should have been writing code after her graduation, but destiny had other plans. She has an opinion on almost everything, but is open to other POVs too. You can connect with her on Twitter @criselle4.

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    • Nikhil Uthale
    • October 7, 2014

    I agree most iPhone users in India will not switch to the iPhone 6 for the form factor. However it is a great phone without a doubt. But I doubt how many Galaxay 4 users graduated to the series 5 ? I think iPhone 6 will still do a lot better than the 5s as more switchers will see value in a bigger phone. The dates selected are also pretty good for a sell out launch.

    I waiting for the watch though.

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