How to turn on Wi-Fi on Windows 10: three easy ways

Wi-Fi is an essential most of us can’t do without. We connect to Wi-Fi on multiple devices, from phones to tablets to laptops to TVs to smart home products. In some cases, other people might have set up the Wi-Fi network on your devices. So what happens if the Wi-Fi gets switched off? You might wonder how you can switch it on again.

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If you’re wondering how you can turn on the Wi-Fi on a Windows 10 PC, the answer is quite easy. There are three easy ways to do so – using a keyboard shortcut, the Wi-Fi icon and from the Start menu. We’ve explained how to do so in a step by step format.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on Windows 10 using keyboard shortcut

Windows 10

Check if your keyboard has a dedicated shortcut button

First things first, check if your keyboard has a dedicated shortcut to enable or disable the Wi-Fi connection. If you are using a Windows 10 laptop then there is a good chance that it has such an option. Even on an external keyboard, you might have such an option. Look for an icon with waves coming off of a circle. You might have to press the Function key and the button where the Wi-Fi icon is located simultaneously to get this working.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on Windows 10 PC using Wi-Fi icon

This is probably the method most people will relate to since it is similar to what you would do on your smartphone.

  1. On the lower left hand corner of your screen, you will see quick shortcuts that form a part of the taskbar. Here, you will also see a shortcut for Wi-Fi.
  2. Click on this Wi-Fi icon depicted by radio signals transmitting upwards.
  3. Now, click on the larger Wi-Fi box that appears in the expanded menu.
  4. This will turn on the Wi-Fi and show all the available networks.

How to turn on Windows 10 Wi-Fi from the Start Menu

  1. Click the Windows button and Settings. Click on the option that appears on the screen.
  2. Now, click on “Network & Internet”.
  3. Click on the Wi-Fi option in the menu bar on the left side of the Settings screen.
  4. Toggle the Wi-Fi option to “ON” to see all the available connections.Windows 10 WiFi
  5. Connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network by entering the password.
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